Digitize your portfolio management

SFP Portfolio Management (formerly SFP Credit & Risk) streamlines customer onboarding for lenders. It enhances portfolio management, digitizing processes for new customer acquisition, portfolio expansion, and real-time risk management

Boost your productivity: minimize latency, maximize results

SFP Portfolio Management, built on Salesforce, enables swift customer onboarding and service delivery, enhancing overall customer satisfaction whilst maintaining the accuracy of credit decisioning.

  • Implement streamlined onboarding processes to integrate new dealers into your network
  • Provide quick responses to customer inquiries and concerns
  • Optimize the portfolio management to reduce the time to finalize deals
  • Implement real-time monitoring systems to take proactive measures
  • Provide personalized services and tailored solutions
  • Cultivate a positive customer experience to bolster reputation in the market
Process of digital onboarding with the help of portfolio management software

Accelerate time to funding

Streamline the analysis of financial statements, bank records, and tax returns.
Portfolio management software replaces manual controls and processes, empowering you to make precise and customized value-added credit decisions efficiently.

  • Spend less time analyzing financial and bank statements and tax returns
  • Go paperless – all documents related to the dealer account are stored digitally
  • Reduce the risk of downtime or service interruption for maintenance
  • Elevated risk awareness from integrated and digitized risk indicator feeds
portfolio management

Unlock a 360° view of your customer’s experience

Address customers’ changing needs by embracing a comprehensive perspective on the customer journey due to a fully digitized process.

  • Implement advanced analytics to proactively identify potential risks
  • Credit-related information is integrated into a comprehensive view to enable decision-making
  • Decision-making processes are driven by accurate data to enhance operational efficiency
  • Create personalized offers to encourage customers to explore additional offerings
  • Establish agile processes that allow for swift responses to customer inquiries
  • Implement collaboration tools to facilitate the sharing of information and insights

Optimize financial decision-making with strategic integrations

  • Open Banking

    Integrations with multiple open banking vendors enable speedy credit decisioning plus ongoing risk assessment.

  • Onboarding Portal 

    A high-quality, customizable web interface enables customers to submit data and perform onboarding tasks with ease.

  • Digital Documents

    System-generated digital letters and agreements save time and effort, throughout the contract lifecycle.

  • Smart Credit Decisioning

    Feed open banking and even PDF-based financial data to smart analysis tools enabling faster, more accurate decisions.

  • SFP Wholesale Servicing Integration

    Push new customers live with just one click then use portfolio, payment and other data to monitor risks.

  • Reliable Partner Ecosystem

    A comprehensive portfolio of solutions and partners ensures turnkey solutions can be rapidly delivered.

“Plug and play” capabilities

Transform your risk management today

Book a call with one of our experts to learn how SFP Portfolio Management can decrease latency in processes, accelerate time to funding, and provide a holistic view of the customer journey.

Embedded solutions

Open banking integration

Using open banking, Plaid enables your customers to provide you with access to their bank accounts with minimum effort in order to retrieve transaction data for use in credit decisioning. On average it takes users 11.5 seconds to open the module, find their bank and input their username and passwords to connect their accounts.

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Data entry automation

Using machine learning and AI, Digilytics’ unique technology enables financial data to be extracted from scanned documents such as bank statements and tax returns, then delivered to downstream systems such as credit decisioning in a variety of digital formats, including open banking to enable further processing.

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Analysis of bank transaction data

AccountScore, an Equifax company, provides actionable insights and analytics from bank transaction data, providing credit analysts with an up-to-date and accurate picture of a company’s activity, enabling them to better understand applicant’s businesses and make better decisions.

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KYC solutions for onboarding

IDnow enables lenders to digitally verify the identity of prospective customers throughout the world quickly and efficiently, improving customer experience whilst meeting the highest KYC and AML regulatory requirements whilst leaving behind time-consuming and wasteful manual processes.

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Transform credit decisions with AI

Flowcast enables better credit decisioning by using its patented machine learning algorithms to create high-performing predictive models which reduce risk and unlock credit to businesses by predicting the ability of a business to repay its loans, the likelihood of dilution, and the risk of delinquency.

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Identify new customer credit risk

One of the three major US bureau, Equifax’s credit reporting is already built into SFP Portfolio Management, enabling your team to go beyond the traditional credit file and gain deeper insights into payment transactions, financial behaviors, employment information and more to make more informed credit decisions and mitigate risk.

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Credit decisioning made simple

Estimate’s models deliver accurate credit risk scoring based on customer transaction data shared via open banking in a fully digital process that can be easily integrated with legacy systems and existing policies, returning data including PD score, maximum credit limit and cashflow overview to support decision making.

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Enable Banking

Enable Banking is the next-generation Open Banking connectivity provider powering the future of financial services in Europe. Integrated with over 2,500 financial institutions in Europe, including all major banks and payment providers, they provide a single, instant and transparent API connection.