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With an agility of a fintech and support of a large group, we design tech solutions for financial institutions worldwide to provide services accessible to each of us, everywhere, anytime.

We are more than just a leader of financial technology.

Our mission is to contribute to the financial world of tomorrow. Accessible to each of us, everywhere, anytime.
We help banks to navigate challenging and changing times, by guiding them through their digital transformation
with our solutions and a strong commitment to collaboration.

One of a kind partner of financial institutions

  • clients all over the world, in 80 countries
  • experts globally, near you to serve you better
  • projects, successfully delivered worldwide last year
  • top banks on North Africa use our solutions
  • leading banks in Europe trust us for over 10 years

WHO WE ARE: It all starts with why

We’ve supported financial institutions since 1968, and in that time, they have been constantly changing. In 2012, we decided to consolidate all our expertise and experience under one brand – Sopra Banking Software. A separate subsidiary with an autonomous and ambitious project, and with openness threaded into its DNA.

Since Sopra Banking’s inception, we’ve increased our revenue from 171 million euros to nearly half a billion. We went from being a largely French provider to a global one. And we expanded our services to include cloud technology and an open banking platform.

More than ever, I believe in the importance of Sopra Banking Software’s mission. Together, we have a crucial role in ensuring that financial institutions keep their customers’ trust and confidence. We help to make finance accessible to as many people as possible and thus build a better future.

Eric Pasquier, CEO

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Our values

  • People inspire us
    Our ability to create value around people, based on the strengths of individuals, has always been key to our success.Listening, respect and kindness are fundamental to the relationships we have with our employees, customers and partners.
  • Diversity enriches us
    Human diversity is infinite, and we consider differences to be a rich source of energy. Financial and social inclusion, as well as the important place of women in our company, play a huge role in guiding our actions.
  • Entrepreneurship guides us
    We owe the creation of our technologies to the entrepreneurial passion of the people we work with.The world is increasingly multicultural and complex. Today, more than ever, we encourage curiosity, daring and innovation.

OUR TECH: The future of finance

The value of technologies enabling the “anywhere, anything, anytime” is inevitable. The agility of the “as-a-service” model, based on Cloud technologies, has proved its relevance. Process automation and massive data analysis solutions, based on intelligent algorithms, have already been deployed. For example, many of our customers have already implemented chatbots, automated scoring services and tools to combat fraud. A new phase is on the horizon.

We’re building our solutions based on the latest technologies to support our clients in their transformation and take the complexity away, so they can focus on what is really important to them.

Eric Bierry, Deputy CEO

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OUR SPIRIT: What makes us unique

More than ever, working for a company with a soul is key in everyday life.

The soul of Sopra Banking Software is made up of different parts: to raise an ambitious and independent project in an increasingly complex world; to design transformation without forgetting our roots; to elevate the collective through individuals; to cultivate a low-ego culture and set a high bar for excellence.

At the end of the day, what we all have in common is the richness of our differences and a mission that starts with heart and the desire to build something together. Something that will create a better financial world.

Virginie Legoupil, VP Marketing

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OUR PLATFORMS: Global recognition

Sopra Banking Platform and Sopra Financing Platform are designed to answer the needs of financial institutions across the globe: large banking groups, neobanks, lenders, auto dealers, payment institutions and many more.

We’re eager to support your projects, now and in the future.

Put your business’s future in the hands of our team of trusted, world-leading professionals. We’re recognized as a top global player by industry experts – Gartner, Forrester, IBS Intelligence and IDC, just to name a few.

Xavier Rebeuf, CTO

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OUR COMMITMENTS: The impact we make

With the support from the Group and thanks to the involvement of 400 volunteer employees in more than nine countries, we are helping 49 schools, including three orphanages in India. More than 55,000 children now benefit from this support. We’re also involved with other initiatives in Morocco and France.

Gender equality is also one of our priorities: internal awareness campaigns, interventions in schools, colleges and universities, HR-staff trainings on non-discrimination and e-learning for employees.

As for climate change, we have committed to limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees, a target set by SBTI, and to achieving carbon neutrality by 2028. If successful, we would be the first company in the world to achieve this.

Magali Pouchin, Corporate responsibility

corporate responsibility

OUR TRIBE: Bringing people together

We’re a part of various ecosystems in an increasingly multicultural and diverse world. And as a company, we have a responsibility to those who place their trust in us.

From e-sports players to volunteers for humanitarian organizations, from drummers to street art lovers, we’re a diverse and close-knit team, united by a passion for all-things digital. With over 5,000 experts across 11 time zones located in 180 cities around the world, we’re ready to help grow and evolve the banking and financial sector.

Our diversity is our strength. Our approach is our difference.

We’re looking for people who share our values, who bring fresh ideas to the table, and who want to make an impact.

Louis-Maxime Negre, Operational HR director

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