Digital lending platform
State of the art credit solution

Master operational and credit risk for the whole loan lifecycle with the SBS Lending Platform. This state-of-the-art, end-to-end standard lending platform supports large-scale and in-depth business coverage, addressing any market and any product. Reduce times to market, automate and create agile processes in your financing software globally to support your loans from origination and servicing to collections.

Loan Origination

Automate and support any loan cycle

Loan Origination is a ready-made lending cycle component accelerator that supports the initial stages of the loan process. The solution supports fully automated and collaborative workflow capabilities that serve all distribution channels with API-first loan origination. Product and pricing management can be supported with a wide range of rate terms, fees, payments, and periodicities across different currencies in multiple countries.

  • Case Management Configuration
  • Create and Maintain Workflows
  • Portal Personalisation
  • Dynamic Dashboard Reporting
  • Operational Security
  • Create and Maintain Documents
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Loan Servicing

Gain efficiency and control over changing requirements in lending operations

Loan Servicing empowers organisations to gain efficiency and control over changing requirements within their day-to-day lending operations. The solution helps to increase customer satisfaction with improved communication channels that support the complete book of loan products. Multiple products and flexible repayment plans can be supported within Loan Servicing, as well as invoicing, repayments, changing loan agreements and debt restructuring.

  • Day to Day Monitoring
  • Scalable and Robust Architecture
  • Personalise use of the software
  • Multiple Currencies, Countries, and Languages
  • Access to info needed to meet legal obligations
  • Improve response times to market changes
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Debt Collection

Increase collection recovery rate with preventative, 360° digital solution

Debt Collection is a 360° digital solution that optimises recovery rate by enabling organisations to take a preventative approach, offering a segmented experience based on the customer profile and helps to identify at-risk customers. Empowered with customer data and with reports, organisations can enable an improved response time to adapt their approach to changing environments, as well as bring products to market faster.

  • Automate collection process
  • Cost-effective, efficient communication channels
  • Assess at-risk and vulnerable clients
  • Data-oriented and scalable by design
  • Engage with clients manually or automatically
  • Customise strategies to customers’ situations
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  • Whole Loan Lifecycle

    Support the whole loan lifecycle with an end-to-end solution, enabling origination and servicing to collections.

  • Highly Flexible Platform

    Range of lending solutions from the 400+ APIs available with SBS to meet your software requirements and support the channels you need.

  • Self-service Bank Portal

    Provide easy access for resellers, dealers and for customers themselves to manage their financial products and services.

  • Real Time Data Processing

    Create automatic process workflows for any volume of contracts to support faster processing speeds and improve customer satisfaction.

  • Global Ready Technology

    Align all branches of your organisation to one global platform, which can be delivered to meet local and market requirements.

  • Cloud Ready Solution

    Support digital banking processes via private, public or hybrid cloud deployment available anytime, anywhere.

Manage the whole loan lifecycle
We understand every financial organisation can have unique needs, which will help them achieve their business strategy goals and exceed the expectations of customers. Our solutions are designed to support the requirements of any financial organisation of any size globally, as well as offer a scalable solution which grows with their business.

Greatest Impacts and Overcoming Business Challenges

La Banque Postale
CIH Bank
Groupe BPCE

Here’s how we’ve supported our customers

  • La Banque Postale

  • CIH Bank

  • Groupe BPCE

  • LCL

La Banque Postale were looking for a way to manage guarantees and collaterals for personal and business lending. SBS tackled this challenge and since the solution has been launched, La Banque Postale now manage the collateral for all mortgage loans, they have centralised collateral information to share with relevant bank entities and can guarantee the quality of information sent on reporting systems.

CIH Bank were looking for a solution to overcome technological obsolescence impacting their market shares, become universal, adopt a customer-centric approach reducing times to market, transform into a next generation bank. The SBS solution means they can go market a new offer in 1 month and have new agile processes, offers and pricing. Within 3 years they had over 70% new contracts signed.

    Groupe BPCE began working with SBS when they were looking to replace their existing collections provision, optimise cost, standardise collection strategy and implement a smooth communication channel. Deployment took place in 24 French banks, with the first live in just 10 months. Since its implementation, they have applied a more efficient risk management process with standard strategies applied, and improving productivity.

      LCL worked with SBS to create a mortgage front to back solution as well as a servicing collection and management system with a multi-currency, multi-country and multi-product approach which also shortens the time to markets. Since its launch LCL have improved operational effectiveness and their lending system interfaces with all distribution systems. They saw a ROI within 3 years.

        Lending Platform

        End-to-end loan lifecycle

        Utilising a modern system which supports and services your products from start to finish reduces time spent transferring data between systems and forcing software to speak to each other, often at a high cost if it’s even possible. With SBS, you can service the entire loan lifecycle from start to finish and respond to all of your customer’s needs in between.

        • Loan Origination
        • Loan Servicing
        • Collection Management
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        • Regulatory Changes

          Respond faster to regulatory or contextual changes within the market, adapting to ever changing client needs.

        • Modernise Infrastructure

          Improve business efficiency and processes, meaning organisations can automate more and spend less time completing manual tasks.

        • Decrease Costs

          Reduce traditionally high global IT cost including entry costs to use the platform, infrastructure, set up / build, operation and run costs.

        • New Products

          Add new financial services, products and enter into new geographies and financial markets much faster due to reduced system limitations.

        • Customer Retention

          Improve customer retention by reducing manual intervention and offering a modern, responsive service.

        • Reduce Losses

          Having an insufficient view of the market or book of business can leave organisations with an inadequate view of financial and credit risks.


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        Frequently asked questions
          What kind of financials can be managed with Lending Lifecycle?

          All types of financials can be managed with Lending Lifecycle. We have customers operating commercial, equipment, mortgage, consumer, and syndicated loans and leasing. Our solution also meets Islamic banking requirements.

          Is it possible to use a single installation for several countries?

          Yes, you can use a single installation to manage your financing activity in several countries or regions. The local specificities will be managed independently, but the activity will be consolidated in one place.

          Are components pre-integrated, or does the customer have to do it?

          Our components come pre-integrated. Therefore, you will be able to implement a full financial solution for your lending activities quickly. You can choose to implement components one-by-one, at your own pace, and benefit from the efficiency of pre-integration.