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Your specialist financing software should fit you exactly, removing friction within your lending and leasing operations. Manage the whole lifecycle of your financing globally.

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Whole loan cycle 

From origination, to commitment, servicing, payoff & collections

Highly flexible

High-volume products & structured big tickets

Self-service portal  

Easy access for resellers & dealers

Real-time processing  

Automatic workflow for any volume of contracts


Global best practice, skilfully delivered locally


Anywhere, anytime access & managed services support

Want to stay ahead of the competition?

Best-in-breed financing solution

Whatever your needs in leasing and lending, our system will keep you ahead of the field.

  • All leases, loans & assets

    Auto, equipment, commercial, mortgage, consumer & real estate finance products on one platform.

  • Long & direct channel

    Supports all the channels you need, helping you to streamline operations & reduce costs.

  • Composable-based platform

    Point-of-sale portal, origination, servicing, collection & wholesale finance components.

  • Clients in 50 countries

    With 300 implementations worldwide, Sopra Financing Platform aligns with market needs, both locally & globally.

  • Lower your risk

    With fast, integrated & configurable scoring for retail & commercial finance. Link to external sources with ease.

  • A pedigree to rely on

    With 1,600+ in-house experts, we build & maintain solutions with market know-how, industry insight & best practice tools.

Industrializing debt collection to tackle increasing risks

While French and European markets are particularly supported by institutions during times of crisis, experts estimate that the amount of bad debt and non-performing loans could triple on a European scale once aid is suspended. In order to anticipate the risks, banks must prepare for an increase in bad debt and optimize their – often poorly equipped – collection services.

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Easily manage characteristics of your financing offers in a single space. Quickly collect all the documents you need from your clients.


The complete loan life cycle from origination, through servicing, to collection. Benefit from the world-best financial engine – #1 lending solution globally for 4 years in a row.


Increase your collection rate, thanks to an optimized business monitoring. Improve your customer relationship with differentiated collection strategies.

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Frequently asked questions
    How is Sopra Banking Software (SBS) favoring financial inclusion and accessibility?

    Financial inclusion can be improved using open banking data, which gives a more dynamic vision of a borrower’s situation and repayment capability. We can help implement this type of client rating instrument with our digital and AI tools. More generally, the highly flexible workflow gives banks the option to monitor clients with less stable finances. Our solution also includes accessibility options such as the ability to adapt our screens to accommodate visual impairments.

    Are components pre-integrated, or does the customer have to do it?

    Our components come pre-integrated. Therefore, you will be able to implement a full financial solution for your lending activities quickly. You can choose to implement components one-by-one, at your own pace, and benefit from the efficiency of pre-integration.

    Is it possible to use a single installation for several countries?

    Yes, you can use a single installation to manage your financing activity in several countries or regions. The local specificities will be managed independently, but the activity will be consolidated in one place.

    What kind of financials can be managed with Lending Lifecycle?

    All types of financials can be managed with Lending Lifecycle. We have customers operating commercial, equipment, mortgage, consumer, and syndicated loans and leasing. Our solution also meets Islamic banking requirements.