Asset management software for risk and inventory management

Physical audit is expensive, time-consuming, open to fraud and often dependent on human interpretation. Sopra Banking Software’s Digital Audit solution provides safe, secure, multiple digital floorplan audit types with time savings of over 40% and cost savings of up to 50% compared with traditional audit methodologies.

A fast, cloud-based, cost & time effective asset management software

Auditing and risk management for the digital age

SFP Digital Audit enables floorplan and wholesale asset finance lenders to transform their inventory audit and risk management processes by moving to ‘self-auditing’ thus reducing, or even removing the expense of physical automotive and equipment asset auditing. Operationally, this can commonly realize cost savings of up to 50% alongside real-time dynamic risk management leveraging AI, machine learning and API integration. App & Cloud based, the solution is easily deployed and scaled with predictable operational costs.

  • Multiple audit methods – market unique & always “best fit” deployment
  • Simple “all in” pricing model – giving you low and predictable costs with no surprises
  • Established Sopra, Salesforce and 3rd party data integrations
  • Up to 50% cost saving over traditional physical auditing models
  • Real-time issue identification and rectification actioning
  • Simultaneous group and network auditing capabilites – Globally
Asset management software - process of asset audit software, steps of the digital audit

How does it work?

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  • Up to 50% cost savings

    Replace expensive physical site audits with ‘self-audit’, saving travel costs, employee time and inconvenience, without compromising risk management.

  • Time savings of over 40%

    Digital self-auditing is faster, freeing employees to focus on their core business or critical tasks and still complete their floor plan stock audit.

  • Better for the planet

    Self-audit reduces or even eliminates the need for auditors to travel, reducing your organization’s environmental footprint and CO2 emissions.

  • Rapid roll-out

    App and cloud-based, requiring minimal capital expenditure. Easy to deploy and use, with an experienced support team to help you maximize ROI.

  • Proven integrations

    Established Sopra Finance Platform and Salesforce integrations, with extensive scope for API-based integration with third-party systems and data sources.

  • Simple “all-in” pricing model

    Unique pricing model with a single price per location, giving you limitless auditing, training, report creation and updates to functionality.

They trust us

  • Vero Technologies

  • V12 Vehicle Finance

Vero Technologies provide inventory financing for dealers of manufactured goods across the United States. By using the capabilities of SFP Digital Audit, Vero have not only been able to help their customers achieve more positive outcomes but have also developed more trusted relationships with them. Asset management system and SFP Digital Audit specifically, allows them to coordinate audits with their dealers at scale, verify control of their floored assets throughout the United States and maintain a clear line of communication with their dealers digitally; all without disrupting day-to-day business operations with onsite physical audits.

In 2019 V12 Vehicle Finance launched a new stock funding business to UK car dealers. Risk mitigation on inventory was a key consideration. SFP Digital Audit was chosen as the primary solution to deliver about 70% of audits, while a 3rd party audit team performed the balance, in a hybrid model. Configurable rules, limitless usage pricing and intelligent automation were key factors in the SFP contract award. During COVID restrictions, SFP performed 100% of audits, utilizing a new audit type allowing V12VF to maintain audit schedules without impacting risk.

        Bring your company into the digital age with an innovative assets management system

        SFP Digital Audit transforms flawed, inefficient, expensive, and reactive risk management methodologies, to prioritize wholesale risk mitigation in a solution without limitation, compromise, or penalty.

        Request a demo of asset inspection software today and learn how your company can benefit.

        A world-leading digital asset management software

        • Modular solutions

          SFP Digital Audit can operate as a standalone asset inventory software or be combined with other SFP products, legacy systems or 3rd Party integrations, to match customer needs and expectations.

        • "Best Fit" auditing guaranteed

          NFC, secure image, live video streaming and compressed video audit methodologies can be swapped or combined to always match customer needs to what works best operationally.

        • Tailored deployment

          SFP Digital Audit can operate standalone or utilize API integrations with other Sopra products, customer legacy systems and 3rd party providers to deliver risk management the way you need it.

        • Intelligent business rules

          Using AI and machine learning, SFP Digital Audit equips customers with fully configurable business rules to match their risk management requirements in any environment, through the full lifespan of a contract.

        • Fixed fees, no surprises

          It’s simple, a standard fixed monthly fee per location linked to banded network size. After that, you can audit as you need and your risk requirements dictate without incremental audit charges.

        • Analysis and augmentation

          SFP Digital Audit delivers deeper/value-added, actionable risk insights with risk modelling, combining asset management system, business rules and organizational process.