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With 50+ different regulatory standards covered, our regulatory reporting software and unique expertise help you to manage complex obligations and streamline your communication with regulatory stakeholders.

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Keeping pace with regulation

Stay compliant as regulation evolves with our scalable, flexible and customizable solution.

  • Regulation-as-a-Service

    Frees you from managing the complexity of multiple regulatory jurisdictions. 200 dedicated experts keep you on top of regulatory changes, however frequent and numerous.

  • Feature-rich

    Ensures data integrity, provides drill-up and drill-down features, and audit trail as required by regulators. Non-technical users can master all these features.

  • Reporting hub

    Manages configuration for multiple countries and regulations. And allows international banks to centralize their regulatory reporting and risk management, without adding further complexity.


Delegate your reporting production to a center of expertise and limit your technical, functional,financial, and HR risks.

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Global leader in financial and risk reporting

We are a front runner in regulatory reporting. We streamline your reporting framework and offer seamless data flow by providing solutions that automatically and effectively generate domestic and foreign regulatory reporting.


Proven track record in innovative projects driven by big data. Able to provide robust solutions covering the management of granular data, high data volume and the related data quality issues, beyond regulatory reporting requirements.

Credit risk exposure and regulatory capital

Effective alternatives to complex and manual risk calculation solutions. Including credit risk assessment based on internal models, weighting and mitigating risks in standard methods, or even building stress-testing campaigns.

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Frequently asked questions

+ What type and format of regulatory reporting do you support?

We provide and maintain the granular and consolidated synthesis regulatory reporting that’s required by EMEA regulators. More precisely, we support:

● National reporting — NCB: BDF/ACPR, NBB, BCL/CSSF, BDE, BOE/FCA, BUBA, UEMOA, CEMAC, BAM, etc.
● European reporting — financial & prudential (EBA, ECB), resolution (SRB)
● Tax fraud reporting — AEoI/CRS, FATCA

Among the regulations covered are Anacredit, SHSG, COREP, FINREP, Liquidity ratio and ALMM, RUBA, Schéma A, MIR, Monetary Statistics & BSI, Balance Of Payment, Resolution (Resolution plan, LDR, CFR, FMI), MREL, TLAC, REMUNER and payment statistics (Oscamps, PST, etc.). Our solution makes it possible to produce synthetic and granular regulatory reporting in XBRL and XML format.

+ What is the Evolan Report solution?

Evolan Report was part of the previous generation of regulatory reporting solutions from Sopra Banking Software. Today, we offer a future-proof reporting solution that covers the regulations mentioned above.

+ What is the ONEGATE Portal?

ONEGATE is the name given by Banque de France and National Bank of Belgium to their dedicated portal for banks to make reporting declarations. Sopra Banking Software’s comprehensive regulatory reporting solution enables reporting on ONEGATE without any human action, thanks to its A2A module.

+ Does Basel IV exist?

Yes, it does. Basel IV is the latest version of the bank capital requirements agreed to in 2017 by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision. But banking regulators, especially in Europe, rejected the term Basel IV and prefer to talk about the finalization of Basel III to minimize the apparent impact on banks. The Basel Committee is now talking about Basel III finalization to allow a better appropriation by regulators and banks.

In Europe, the finalization of Basel III will be implemented in two lots. The first lot led to the CRR 2 regulation adoption on June 7, 2019, and will make the CRD 5 directive applicable from mid-2021, and the second lot (CRR 3 and CRD 6) will apply from 2023.

+ What is the difference between BIRD and IReF?

BIRD stands for the “Banks’ Integrated Reporting Dictionary.”
It’s a standard dictionary created by the European Central Bank (ECB) and the banking industry to provide a common description of data and transformation rules that banks must adhere to for generating the regulatory reports expected by authorities across the EU.

IReF stands for “Integrated Reporting Framework.”
It’s an integrated system currently under development by the European System of Central Banks, with a projected start date slated for 2024. IReF aims to collect statistical data at a granular level, avoiding data overlaps and heterogeneous data definitions across the EU. It’s a follow-on to the Anacredit project. And thus, it will allow the ECB to specify the statistical data requirements for deposit-taking corporations in the euro area without translating them into national collection frameworks.

Both BIRD and IReF are linked to article 430c of the CRR2 area in the feasibility report published by the European Banking Authority (EBA). The end goal of both is to alleviate the reporting burden on the banking industry.