Finance proposal management

Sprint is designed for the specialist asset finance market

Sprint reduces friction in the management of proposals through automation
and workflow, reducing cost and increasing throughput, and interfaces into the
wider asset finance ecosystem with pre-built, pre-configured APIs.

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Industry standard calculation

Proposal management

Keeps sales teams up to date as
deals progress


Empower sales people to manage
their own workflow

Grow together

A service fee to scale with your

Fast deployment

Go live in weeks


Reports and dashboards


Documents, notifications and electronic signature


Live in over 15 countries

Used by more than 20% of the Asset Finance UK 50 (AF50) companies

We have been a trusted partner of UK and multinational asset finance companies for over 20 years

  • Go to market fast

    In only a few weeks, a branded app can be distributed across sales channels, enabling resellers to provide specific finance quotations to end consumers.

  • Connected

    Integrations with a wide range APIs to credit reference agencies (CRA), lenders, banks, customer relationship management (CRM) systems and data visualisation tools.

  • Any device

    Quotes can be created and submitted by users from desktop, tablet or mobile devices.

  • Out of the box

    With over 20 years of experience we have a range of capabilities ready to be deployed.

Sprint connects lenders to dealers and brokers, it is simple for sales people to use, yet sophisticated in demonstrating affordability to the customer. Sprint is considered by brokers and dealers to be one of the best portals on the market.

Sprint for Lenders

Brokers have the special skill of connecting customers in need of finance with lenders in need of customers, whilst it sounds simple, there hides the complexity of properly brokering a deal. Manual processes can take several days, which may jeopardise a deal. If an automated process is used, it often ties the dealer to a specific lender.

Sprint for Brokers

An ideal situation is for dealers to offer finance through vendor programmes. The key element for the dealer is to provide finance tools which are simple to use, add value to the dealer and are competitive against independent brokers. Sprint delivers this through targeted asset backed campaigns.

Sprint for Captives

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