Core Banking System for the digital age

Stay resilient with the best-in-class core banking system

Leverage our fully open, secure, and high-performance core banking software to run any type of bank. Run your banking operations on regulated markets, unlock new business opportunities, and embrace challenges in a quickly changing market.

Trusted by 1,500+ clients

Rely on a partner with more than 30 years of experience supporting core banking across 80 different countries.

[Re]invent your banking operations

Core banking geared for the digital age

Our core banking system features extended functional coverage to ensure an outstanding experience for your banking employees, clients, and partners.

  • Reduce total cost of ownership and cost per transaction
  • Expose your banking operation to an open ecosystem 
  • Stay compliant with 50+ regulatory standards covered
  • Compose your bank operations based on your needs
  • Anticipate changes, become scalable, and grow 
  • Deploy new corporate strategy from transformation to M&A

For any type of bank

Extensive banking functionality

Streamline operations, offer the best solutions, and go live faster with core banking system that allows you to choose individual components or modules you need or use a pre-integrated solution.

Sopra Banking: Core Banking System

Run the bank operations of the future

  • Open architecture and API-first

    Run an open bank and expose your operations to your partners & ecosystem with a robust API platform.

  • Cloud core banking

    Gain peace of mind with our secure cloud technology and choose from our multiple flexible delivery models from BPaaS to Cloud to SaaS and on-premises.

  • Localized in 80+ countries

    Deploy your bank fast in the market from risk, regulatory and compliance solutions, to a model bank fully localized.

  • Real-time secure operations

    Leverage high volume transaction scalability in real-time. Our core banking software offers advanced security, fraud prevention, and a performance-proven solution.

  • Advanced functional coverage

    Build your bank from financial product operations support to client and partner management to accounting, enterprise support, and risk management.

  • Composable core banking

    Design the bank you want with our pre-integrated modules or components that can be used stand-alone—allowing you to set your own path.

Top-notch core banking

Harness the benefits

Remain competitive and achieve greater operational efficiency by composing your bank based on your needs. Do this while maintaining complete operational control, engaging with your customers, and protecting their data.

  • Manage multiple products and agencies, both local and international
  • Monitor, manage, and control your operations to improve decision-making
  • Manage your daily transactions efficiently with the protected scalability
  • Gain a 360° view of your customers and introduce omnichannel communication
  • Centralize risk and real-time regulatory reporting, align with local and global legislation
  • Reduce time to market and gain a significant edge

Embrace new technology. Empower your business.

Our core banking software allows you to increase agility, boost cost-efficiency, and drive growth.