Project and Development Finance

Software for multilateral, infrastructure, industrial and public services lending

Sopra Financing Platform streamlines highly-structured commercial loan management. Its robust financial engine enables unprecedented flexibility to manage complex financial products in multiple currencies.

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  • High fit for purpose

    Manage a complete book of business on one system

  • Ease of integration

    Extensive API library & pre-built services

  • Advanced flexibility

    Match to your exact loan products & processes

  • LIBOR transition ready

    Out-of-the-box support for new rates

  • State-of-the-art solution

    Reflects current industry requirements

  • Reporting tool agnostic

    Create reports using industry-standard tools

Go beyond loan automation

With Sopra Financing Platform, your commercial lending operations aren’t just automated, they’re elevated. Manage business & IT complexity, lower risk and speed time to value.

  • Highly flexible

    Clients confirm that our platform offers the most extensive flexibility in the industry. Implement new loan software quicker for less cost and risk.

  • Built-in compliance

    Increase compliance and consistency with loan automation and powerful, adaptable workflow.

  • Multi-management

    Manage multiple entities, countries, languages and currencies on one efficient loan management system.

  • Reporting, your way

    An integrated data warehouse simplifies data access. Businesses can build their own dashboards using Tableau and other reporting tools.

  • Digital layer

    Expose data unique to your business rapidly and securely using web services that add value to your lending ecosystem.

  • Single point provider

    One solution, one experienced partner. Gain 360-degree expertise from a global leader in MDB, international, and project lending business transformation.

Project & development loan management

Loan management software for multilateral, infrastructure, industrial and public services lending. Automate even the most complex structured lending.

Efficient, highly-structured finance

Sopra Financing Platform manages loan management details from commitment to payoff, including accounting entries and cashflows. Healthy loans manage themselves. Web services connect your lending ecosystem.

Modern MDB solution

Think your multilateral lending is too complex to be automated? With SFP, you get operations up and running sooner than you thought possible. We have the success stories to prove it.  

We have all the answers you need

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to use standard software for managing development finance?+

Yes. A solution pre-configured for the specificities of development finance, along with well documented processes and a library of web services make it possible for development banks to benefit from a standard solution.

What makes development finance complex for IT systems?+

Some of the specific challenges include loan complexity, multi-currency environments, loan terms, bridging private and public sectors, multiple funding sources, intricate workflows, and long billing cycles to name a few.

What trends are emerging in lending?+

Lending as a service, data driven lending, optical character recognition, intelligent automation, pay-per-use, and RPA to improve customer UX are just some of the emerging trends we are seeing.

What is green finance?+

Green finance refers to any structured finance product that’s intended to support an environmentally-friendly outcome.