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Design, build and run your digital-native bank

Digital Banking Suite is more than just another banking software platform, we’re a proactive business partner that helps you stay on top of the digital revolution. We blend an API-first, go-to-cloud approach with a human-centered design to ensure that financial institutions keep pace with technological change. From streamlined onboarding to omnichannel banking to a fully digital customer experience, we’ve got you covered.

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Shape the future of banking

Digital Banking Suite is an open digital banking platform with composable banking capabilities, including an omnichannel customer experience and cloud-native, state-of-the-art middleware.

Core-agnostic and natively integrated with SBS core banking systems, our solutions can be launched in a front-to-back or a domain-focused way, rolled out component by component across the front, middle, and back layers.

  • Modern customer experience, fit for every channel
  • Comprehensive library of off-the-shelf banking solutions
  • Support for request-to-pay, Instant Payments, ApplePay and Google Pay
  • Running on AWS, Axway premium API capabilities
  • Compliance and regulatory reporting for KYC, AML, PSD2, and GDPR
  • Middleware functionality supported by OpenShift technology
  • NPS score

    Understand your customers and give them the engaging experiences they expect. Boost customer satisfaction, acquisition, and retention.

  • Days to design your bank

    Use our toolkit to create your digital bank and quickly go to market – front-end, middleware, and core banking systems.

  • Decrease in customer acquisition cost

    Increase organic customer acquisition. Seamlessly engage with customers and increase their lifetime value.

  • Continual improvement

    Leverage frequently updated, off-the-shelf capabilities to modify functionalities and user experience and respond quickly to changing conditions.

  • Generate new revenue

    Uncover possibilities, connect with third parties, and create neatly bundled, personalized bank and non-bank offers.

  • Progressive transformation

    Adopt a composable banking approach. Add or remove components at every layer – from UX to business services – to meet precise needs.

They trust us

  • Banxy

  • Fidor Bank

  • Van Lanschot

  • ADIB

Banxy was born of Natixis’ desire to complement their business with a low-cost retail banking proposition. Launched in just eleven months, it became Algeria’s first 100% mobile bank and has been able to sustain an edge by being the first to market with unique customer-focused products and services. In its first six months, Banxy garnered over 100,000 app downloads with a client acquisition cost of 13 euros per client and an IT budget of 16 euros per client.

    Fidor Bank is Europe’s original digital bank. It has been recognized for its disruptive, transparent approach to banking, creative use of social media, and unique, customer-focused services. A pioneer in the sector, Fidor enables its one million+ customers to actively participate in the bank’s decision-making processes. In 2019, Celent recognized the bank for its pre-integrated customer marketplace, which provides customers with a hyper-personal banking experience.

      Van Lanschot, one of Europe’s top wealth management firms, can now boast a mobile-first, modernized banking system with open architecture. They are ISAE 3402 compliant and have a faster, more cost-efficient accounts and payments infrastructure. Their open banking and a cloud-based platform is improving user experience across a range of value-added services and driving significant cost savings.

        As one of the UAE’s top 5 banks, ADIB has long been a beacon of prime customer experience in the region’s financial industry. moneysmart, its dedicated satellite brand, is targeted exclusively at the Generation Y market. Its highly tailored products are only available online, removing the need for physical branch banking. moneysmart acquired 40% of customers organically through social banking, and now has an online community of 150,000 members, 50,000 of whom are now KYC compliant customers. They have reduced customer acquisition cost by 90% compared with ADIB’s traditional acquisition process.

          Build tomorrow’s bank, today

          We design, build and run digital-native banking services, helping existing financial, retail, and telecom institutions – as well as startup banks – bring digital technology to the heart of their businesses. Adapt business models to new scenarios for growth and innovation, all at your own pace.

          A full range of first-rate digital banking capabilities

          • Onboarding & subscription

            Enhance customer experience with quick and personalized digital onboarding that leverages the power of open banking.

          • Social banking

            Empower users with a social media platform that enables peer-to-peer support, fosters financial literacy and inclusion, and supports co-creation.

          • Loan origination

            Streamline customer and back-office interactions with a fully automated, end-to-end process – go from simulation to request to scoring to approval, all in just minutes.

          • Finance management

            Help your customers improve their financial well-being with multi-banking and personal finance management solutions like budgeting, forecasting, and smart recommendations – all in one simple app.

          • Open APIs & marketplace

            Leverage open banking data and an ecosystem of partners to accelerate innovation and create the tailored experiences that your customers will love.

          • Payments

            Make transactions easy, with support for Instant Payments, Request to Pay, Apple Pay, Google pay, peer-to-peer, and mobile money. We even help banks support crypto accounts!

          Digital advisory

          Design your digital banking blueprint

          Whether you’re a neobank, challenger bank or established institution, we can help you ideate, design, and deliver a digital-first value proposition that will set your bank up to achieve business objectives and ensure profitability. Co-design with digital banking industry experts, get advice on which capabilities suit you best, deliver a successful MVP (minimum viable product), and ensure a strong go-to-market. We provide your digital banking blueprint in a matter of weeks.

          • Participate in a 3-to-6-week collaboration with domain specialists
          • Attend business, technical, and design workshops
          • Build a technology foundation and deliver digital health
          • Use deliverables to streamline banking license submissions

          Recognized solution

          Key Digital Banking Software Player

          Omdia examines and ranks the top software in the world based on market impact, solution capabilities, customer experience and market presence. In 2020 analysts hailed our solution embracing the opportunities of open APIs and marketplace collaboration. They particularly recognized our strength in open banking, innovation strategy, and customer support.

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          Model Bank for Marketplace Banking

          In 2019, Celent recognized Fidor Bank for both its pre-integrated customer marketplace, Fidor Market, as well as its Marketplace-as-a-Service, Efficient Scale. With its people-centric approach and dual marketplace initiative, Fidor Bank provides customers with an enhanced, personalized banking experience.

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          Leader in API Management

          Our sister company Axway was noted as a leader in Gartner’s 2020 Magic Quadrant for Full Life Cycle API Management. Axway provides customers the broadest and deepest set of capabilities to build API-based ecosystems, enabling them to secure and govern their entire lifecycle and unlock innovation.

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          Strong Performer: Digital Banking Engagement Hubs, 2021

          In this key report, Forrester recommends Sopra Banking Software for banks that are more focused on using off-the-shelf engagement infrastructure and banking services and puts forward its well-defined architecture as well as the broad usage of microservices.

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          Strong Performer: Digital Banking Engagement Platforms, 2021

          Forrester mentions that the solution “offers [a] rich engagement infrastructure” and highlights that “The solution’s architecture is well defined and broadly uses microservices”.

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          Best-in-class tech stack