Sopra Banking Platform

Powering banking transformation at scale 

Our component-based and cloud banking platform provides the broadest range of capabilities. Whether large or small, local or global, pick the components from our wide catalog.

Or deploy our ready-to-use, pre-integrated solutions.  

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Live and localized

80 countries


700+ features

Gartner-leading API


Open banking

600 open APIs


Agile innovation

Deployment flexibility

Public, hybrid, on-premise

Our promise

An API-first, comprehensive and component-based banking solution, available as custom or ready-to-use. No matter your system, hit the ground running with us and accelerate your digital transformation.

Delivery and flexibility are part of our DNA

Delivery and flexibility are part of our DNA

Our progressive implementation model, developed in partnerships with Sopra Steria and its 45,000 experts, reduces legacy IT replacement risk.

  • Feature-rich
    Use all features or integrate individually into existing systems. The widest range of localized business components in Africa and Europe.
  • Unique customer journeys
    Enable your marketing department to autonomously launch and monetise complex, personalised offers with partners within a day.
  • Open banking ready
    Our cloud-native Open banking platform provides you with a partner ecosystem and integrates off-the-shelf digital use cases.
  • Modernize your bank
    Transform and modernise your bank step by step, starting wherever you are with our component-banking approach.
  • Go live in < 90 days
    Use pre-integrated, localized systems. Or upgrade and modernize, one component at a time.
  • Security by design
    Compliant to all legal and security-driven requirements.

API first

Whether you build your own platform or work with a partner, Sopra Banking Platform will meet your needs thanks to its full API approach. You will be able to develop, manage, analyze and improve your API catalog for a better user experience.

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Data exploitation

Leverage your core banking system with the adapted exploitation of your customer data. With Sopra Banking Platform you will be able to acquire and manage data in order to optimize customer engagement, fight against fraud, reduce costs…

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Security at all levels

Because security is one of your main concern, we propose you a large choice of tools to let you select the more adapted way to manage it with efficiency. Zero-trust model, anomalies detection, bug bounty program, AI leverage… are some of the protection layers you can activate.

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