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Financial data aggregation
Connect to 3,400+ financial institutions and manage the plethora of different data types, authentication, and authorization schemes. Gain access to PSD2 and non-PSD2 accounts, aggregate, analyze, and present the data in a user-friendly way.
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All your customers’ finances in one place – THE banking app

Use our account aggregator to increase engagement, gather data-driven insights, and empower users to take control of their finances — all on a single, convenient, easy-to-use app

A single portal for the full picture

To better serve customers in today’s digital age, banks need to go the extra mile to maintain customer engagement. Thanks to open banking, banks can aggregate customers’ different accounts (PSD2 & non-PSD2) spread across various FIs in a single place. This not only provides consumers with a one-stop app that provides a holistic view of their finances, but also allows banks to gather more information about their customers' habits and in turn provide personalized experiences.
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    Enhance personal and financial data categorization for better adapted #CX

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    Improve #CX

    Improve customer experience by enabling easy cross-border money transfer.

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    Increase retention

    Offer a cutting-edge, modernized experience that boosts satisfaction and increases retention rate.

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    Go beyond PSD2

    Explore the vast possibilities of open banking with access to PSD2 and non-PSD2 accounts.

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    Reduce costs

    Improve your cost-to-income ratio with a ready-to-use solution pre-integrated with Tink.

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    Enjoy easy access to other open banking use cases and related services.

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