Corporate Responsibility

At Sopra Banking Software, social responsibility is at the core of our culture. This responsibility is about earning and sustaining the trust of our customers, partners, and the communities in which we live.

Our business policies and practices reflect our commitment to equality, financial inclusion, and environmental sustainability. We believe that putting humanity at the center of digital transformation is the best path to foster a sustainable future.


Eric Pasquier


We are convinced that it will only be possible to move towards a more sustainable and responsible world if everyone in our society makes a positive contribution. Sopra Banking Software has chosen to be a contributing company, in line with these values.

Four axes of our commitments

Our purpose is to contribute to human progress by firmly committing to the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations, to achieve a better and most sustainable future for all.

  • Social

    Supporting gender equality, social diversity, and the health and wellness of all employees.

  • Community

    Promoting financial inclusion by extending services and creating employment opportunities.

  • Environment

    Fighting climate change with a commitment to digital sustainability and a carbon-neutral pledge.

  • Market & Business

    Adhering to strict business ethics, compliance practices, responsible purchasing, and more.

Access to education

Education has the power to change the world for the better. Everyone, no matter who they are or where they were born, has the right to a good education. By working to provide more equitable access, we can help ensure young people are equipped for the future.

We work with vulnerable communities to improve access to education, favouring openness to digital technologies wherever possible. We’re also involved in a wide range of educational initiatives, including scholarship programs, support for parents, and school rehabilitation projects.

Gender equality

Despite progress, women are still underrepresented in the technology sector and hold fewer leadership positions than their male counterparts. Working toward gender equality starts by advancing all aspects of diversity – cultures, backgrounds, age, abilities – and by practicing inclusion.

We believe that gender equality and empowerment must begin with inclusion. We’re actively working to promote gender diversity in scientific careers, support women in digital initiatives, participate in diversity awareness campaigns, and have internal hiring and training practices designed to promote inclusion.

Financial inclusion

Approximately 1.7bn people lack access to basic financial services worldwide. By focusing on these underserved communities and offering them affordable access to services, it’s possible to help them unlock their potential and achieve financial independence.

We are collaborating with our African banking partners to increase financial literacy and access. At the same time, we’re fostering relationships with development banks around the globe. We’re committed to microfinance, and we strive to mobilize volunteers and sponsor individuals to bring their professional skills to this movement.

Environmental sustainability

When it comes to protecting the environment, everyone has a role to play. As a fintech leader, Sopra recognizes our responsibility to minimize the impact our business has on the environment and reduce emissions.

From operations to product design to partnerships, sustainability factors into every decision. We’ve been systematically working to lighten our environmental footprint for years, with the goal of being carbon neutral by 2028. We are also involved in digital sustainability, clean water initiatives, and partnerships with numerous conservation organizations.

Our impact in numbers

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