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Our digital asset finance software enables specialized financiers around the world to provide exceptional customer service and support to dealers, have a clear vision of risk, and assess and improve the financial resilience of their businesses.

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Combine Sopra Financing Platform components for optimal results

The Sopra Financing Platform offers a whole platform strategy,  which helps save time in standing up a business with an out-of-the-box solution with additional third-party capabilities and a single view of customers and portfolios.

Rapid product deployment enables organizations to respond faster to market changes and customer needs while optimizing operations and risk thanks to a high level of configuration capabilities and risk trigger alerts. SFP helps organizations achieve a low TCO by reducing the cost of entry, and maintenance, and reducing time with simplified processes and automation.

Scheme of asset finance software and lease management software

Combine platform components

  • SFP Portfolio Management

    Built on Salesforce, streamlines customer on-boarding, portfolio and risk management.

  • SFP Wholesale Servicing

    The industry leading floorplan management software for scalable, compliant and efficient asset financing.

  • SFP Digital Audit

    Digitizes the audit of financed assets, transforming business efficiency whilst enhancing risk management.


For all types of specialized finance lenders

  • Real-Time Data Insights

    Gain actionable insights and make informed decisions with reliable, real-time data across all business locations. Enhance your visibility and identify risks early.

  • Cost-Effective Solutions

    Lower your total cost of ownership with affordable, cloud-based platforms. Eliminate high expenses from updates, testing, and setup, allowing for more predictable budgeting.

  • Customer-Centric Experience

    Stand out in the market by prioritizing user-friendly, client-focused systems. Attract new customers and retain existing ones with seamless, personalized service.

  • Optimize Operations

    Transition to modern, cloud-based solutions for enhanced agility, scalability, and flexibility. Streamline day-to-day tasks and achieve business goals more effectively.

  • Digital Transformation

    Embrace automation and AI for efficient workflows and reduced touchpoints. Achieve smoother operations and lower resource requirements with innovative digital solutions.

  • Trusted Worldwide

    Join leading industry players in leveraging the Sopra Financing Platform. With a global reach in 50 countries and recognition as the top provider of lending solutions for 40+ years, you’re in reliable hands.

Asset finance software for Vero Technologies
Sopra Financing Platform for Beequip

They trust us

  • Vero Technologies

  • Beequip

Vero Technologies was searching for ​an asset based lending software partner that could support their wholesale finance program and shares their fintech ideals.​ One of Vero’s main challenges was providing dealers with holistic financing software that also incorporates inventory management. Implementing core elements of the Sopra Financing Platform meant reduced time to value, allowing Vero to focus on delivering a better front end user experience to their clients.

Beequip is a high growth scaleup and alternative financier of assets, operating across Europe. They were looking to replace their spreadsheet approach to the wholesale equipment financing with a scalable and easy-to-use solution.​ It needed to integrate through open APIs, while supporting IT adaptability to quickly integrate with future internal/operational changes. SFP Wholesale Servicing, a core component of the Sopra Financing Platform, answered their needs, allowing Beequip to go to market fast with a compliant digital lending solution that has global scalability, while maintaining a low total cost of ownership.

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