The software platform for specialist banks and lenders

Comprehensive, agile and flexible lending, with low-touch retail and commercial
deposit taking all delivered on cloud deployed ASP model, with low cost of entry
and charged based on volume of business.

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Precisely target borrowers in
specific niche markets


Quickly respond to market change
with new products


Tried and tested accounting,
payments and transaction


A cloud service designed for future
organisation growth

Over 50% of the top 10 best buy fixed rate ISAs are run on Aurius*

Aurius’ low touch deposits module reduces friction for specialist banks raising funds from retail and commercial
*data from 7/10/20

  • Low touch deposits

    Retail and SME deposit taking delivered through a variety of channels including web, mobile, call centre and API with integrated workflow automation to streamline customer acquisition and in-life management.

  • Flexible lending

    A flexible and configurable lending module which can be quickly targeted at different specialist finance niches through product parameterisation and advanced workflow configuration.

  • Open API

    An Open API provided through the Aurius connectivity suite allows Aurius functionality to be exposed and embedded in an organisation’s wider architecture.

  • Workflow

    A powerful, configurable and embedded workflow and document management engine supports business process throughout the organisation.

  • Consolidated

    The integrated nature of Aurius’ financial products, general ledger, CRM and workflow reduces the number of systems and suppliers required whilst allowing for flexibility and growth where needed.

Deposit customers are supported through a low touch model over a variety of channels including web and mobile with integrated ID&V via Aurius’ workflow module. Lending customers
are on boarded via a flexible underwriting process.

Customer on-boarding

Aurius is deployed in SBS’s managed cloud infrastructure bringing enhanced scalability and reliability to the platform and removing operational burden from the organisation.

ASP delivery in the cloud

Aurius’ workflow module allows flexible processes to be configured enabling organisations to streamline their business activities and audit them. Processes can contain automated
communication points with customers via post, email or text message.

Define, control and monitor processes

  • For specialist banks

  • For your clients

  • For specialist lenders

  • For the C-suite

Aurius provides specialist banks with a modern, innovative platform on which to grow. Aurius is already enabling many specialist banks to offer retail and SME deposit taking with features such as low touch on-boarding, automated workflow and customer communications. These features allow banks to fund and focus on their core differentiator, niche lending. Aurius’ lending module features configurable product definition and workflow engines which are used to implement flexible lending products and robust underwriting processes.

    Aurius provides web based, mobile responsive on-boarding and in-life portals which make the sign up and servicing journeys straightforward. These, coupled with a comprehensive API for integration to other origination providers and call centre features for clients who prefer a more personal touch enable specialist banks to provide a modern, responsive and personal service to their clients and focus on their core priorities.

      Aurius’ flexible lending module allows specialist banks to target their specific lending markets (for example Development Finance, Bridging, VAT Finance, SME Finance and Renewables Finance) with ease and react quickly to changes in those markets. A comprehensive loan schedule module allows bespoke loans to be created with a variety of multiple drawdowns, ad hoc repayments, repayment type changes, fees and payment holidays – all of which affect a regular repayment calculation.

        Aurius provides the senior management of an organisation with the information they need to understand the performance and manage the risk within their business. Through automation, workflow, robust transaction management, and flexible MI & BI directors can have confidence in the financial and operational stability of their organisation.