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Customer insight

State-of-the-art personalization
Boost client satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy by creating advanced customer profiles (DNA) based on in-depth customer insights.
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Develop your CX and unique customer-focused solutions

Helping banks build solid digital connections through a deeper understanding of their customers’ needs
Customer Insight is a unique solution for client retention. It enables banks to take full advantage of internal and external data with an AI-powered digital personalization solution. By providing unique experiences that add amazing value to customers’ lives, this solution boosts marketing campaign conversions and promotes increased customer loyalty towards the bank.
  • Data over the silos

    Listen, ingest and augment all data and events from every touchpoint in a continuous and automated process to build strong, reliable customer knowledge.

  • Customer DNA

    Build and update individualized customer profiles, DNA. Each profile is based on socio-demography, mobility, interaction, behavior, affinities…

  • Innovative synergy

    Use AI to interpret and predict customer behavior and expectations, maximizing CX and satisfaction.

  • Cross- and up-selling

    Identify opportunities for cross- and up-selling by understanding customers’ unique characteristics and behavioral traits.

  • Smart segmentation

    Use automatic clustering to discover new segments, expanding them through lookalike modeling across all or chosen characteristics.

  • Fine targeting

    Refining audiences through data allows you to offer the best possible solution to your customers’ needs.

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