All Use Cases


All Use Cases

Automotive DMS integration

Seamless integration between dealer management and wholesale finance systems
Eradicate double keying, avoid data errors, save time, reduce in-house costs, and improve operational effectiveness.
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A truly integrated digital dealer management system

Dealers can manage their full administrative workload online, giving them back time so they can focus on running their dealership.


Comprehensive solution that offers a one-stop shop approach

Click Dealer’s Dealer Management System and Sopra Banking Software’s SFP Wholesale Servicing solution are now connected in a first for the automotive industry.

Developed around the day-to-day needs of automotive dealers, Click Dealer’s DMS solution helps simplify and streamline processes such as selling and invoicing vehicles, managing enquiries and deals, tracking vehicle expenses and suppliers, as well as providing management reporting and supporting the UK Government’s “Making Tax Digital” program.

Through an API-based integration between the ClickFunding element of the DMS and SFP Wholesale Servicing, the market-leading stock funding software platform, a raft of new functionality is enabled. Dealers can now push vehicle information to their floorplan lender when requesting funding, check their available and outstanding balances, request funding and settle off-funded vehicles, all with the push of a button. The unique solution even allows for multiple lenders to be displayed, with all the relevant financial and vehicle information and shown side-by-side for maximum dealer convenience.
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    Streamline processes

    Provide all the administrative tools a dealer needs in one system.

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    Save time

    Remove the need for dealers to switch between systems or re-key information.

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    Simplify accounting

    Enable tracking of expenses and supplier costs, plus digital submission of tax returns.

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    Boost digital marketing

    Give dealers tools to manage online advertising and web presence through one easy-to-use system.

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    Ace lead management

    Funnel sales leads to the DMS 24/7 so no opportunities are missed, even when the dealership is closed.

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    Faster stocking

    Make it easy for dealers to add vehicles, automatically updating their website and key advertising portals.

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