A united vision of mutualized payments


Click on the link opposite to watch an exclusive interview with Laurence Félix-Makatcheff, assistant director of payments at La Banque Postale, explain current trends in the payments sector, as well as how they are working with Sopra Banking to deliver cost-saving, customer experience-improving services.

Customer success story | Laurence Félix-Makatcheff | Assistant director of payments | La Banque Postale

Laurence Félix-Makatcheff, assistant director of payments

“It’s been six years now since we entered into a large partnership between La Banque Postale and Sopra Banking in order to develop a banking module so that we could carry out our vision.”

Sopra Banking Software’s Instant Payment solution

Our fully compliant and modular Instant Payments solution allows our clients to provide their customers with more added value and innovation. As proven in three European countries, with three CSMs, through three delivery modes and used by 30 million bank customers.

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