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Create better banking for a digital world

Deliver a personalized, omnichannel customer experience, reduce your time to market, and leverage our ecosystem of partners to become the bank customers trust day-to-day and for life’s big moments.  

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Onboarding & subscription

Onboard customers in minutes

More than half of customers prefer mobile banking. Increase acquisition and conversion rates with frictionless and personalized experiences. Ensure quick and seamless account opening and subscription to new bank products and services. Our solution is compliant with local regulations and accessible wherever your customers are.

  • Low-code management of onboarding, subscription and KYC review
  • Easily integrate third-party solutions on your own 
  • Natively connect to the SBS product catalog 
  • Leverage open banking KYC data to reduce drop-out rates

Social banking

Boost acquisition and foster engagement

Digital natives want a safe place to crowdsource their questions and learn from their peers. Leverage the power of social media by creating an online financial portal. Be the first to connect with users, and build long-lasting relationships through seamless customer engagement.

  • Increase organic acquisition and customer lifetime value 
  • Build emotional connections and nurture loyalty
  • Reduce customer service and support costs
  • Effectively co-create with your customers

Loan origination

From simulation to approval, in minutes

Two-thirds of customers want to apply for a loan via digital channels, and they’re looking for a speedy, paperless process. Our fully automated digital solution uses predictive analytics and open banking data to provide a personalized experience, enabling banks to grow revenue and save on operational costs.

  • Increase acquisition through next best offer and referrals
  • Minimize churn with personalized scoring and pricing options
  • Automate data collection, risk, pricing & disbursement decisions
  • Utilize a low code configuration to map application journeys


Meet the needs of digital natives

Easily offer the fast, safe, and innovative payment solutions that modern users demand. We support a wide range of payment schemes, including Instant payments, Request to Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, cryptocurrency, and peer-to-peer transactions.

  • Reduce Instant Payment cost and activation time with a streamlined integration
  • Build new revenue streams by connecting with unbanked customers
  • Easily integrate with third parties to create revenue-boosting partnerships
  • Enhance security with easy-to-use two-factor authentication and device biometrics

Finance management

Enrich your day-to-day banking services

We cover the full scope of banking capabilities – from transactions and management to advanced services – through our open banking platform, connecting you with 3,400+ European banks. Use our account aggregator to increase engagement, gather data-driven insights, and empower users to take control of their finances, all from one app.

  • A comprehensive set of essential, granular services
  • Access to 3,400+ banks open banking data
  • Innovative solutions for multi-banking, remittance, and much more
  • Powered by Tink, Europe’s leading open banking platform

Open APIs and marketplace

Integrate the best Fintech

Four out of five financial institutions are adopting or plan to adopt open banking, enabling their developer communities to use open APIs to innovate on top of existing systems. Follow suit by leveraging data and innovative partner services to create seamless and hyper-personalized customer journeys.

  • Self-service API portal and sandbox for developers
  • Easily mix and match capabilities to create differentiating use cases
  • Pre-integrated partners for easy connection and quick development
  • Open APIs available at the front, middle, and back layers of the platform
  • Become PSD2 compliant in just a week

Digital advisory

Design your digital banking blueprint

Whether you’re a neobank, challenger bank or established institution, we can help you ideate, design, and deliver a digital-first value proposition that will set your bank up to achieve business objectives and ensure profitability. Co-design with digital banking industry experts, get advice on which capabilities suit you best, deliver a successful MVP (minimum viable product), and ensure a strong go-to-market. We provide your digital banking blueprint in a matter of weeks.

  • Participate in a 3-to-6-week collaboration with domain specialists
  • Attend business, technical, and design workshops
  • Build a technology foundation to deliver digital health
  • Use deliverables to streamline banking license submissions

Build tomorrow’s bank, today

We design, build and run digital-native banking services, helping existing financial, retail, and telecom institutions – as well as startup banks – bring digital technology to the heart of their businesses. Adapt business models to new scenarios for growth and innovation, all at your own pace.