Women are still raised not to speak about money… You know, when I do my training in front of women, I say « I am a woman of money », and I pause. Then I continue and, a couple of minutes later, I say « ok let me go back to what I said first, how did it make you feel? » and I get a whole lot of feedbacks like « That was weird! ».

Katharina Dalka – CEO & founder of Stellar One (answering to the question “why do you think they are still fewer women in key position in finance than there are men”)

Tune in to the world of a business leader who is an expert in strategy and investment. Specializing in complex cross-border operations in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, she advises both companies and financial institutions.

In this podcast, Katharina shares her 18 years of experience in the finance sector and discusses the creation of Stellar One. We discover an ambitious woman dedicated to developing her personal skills to grow her business. Successfully negotiating deals, her area of expertise, is something she excels at and has been rigorously trained in.

Moreover, Katharina is actively committed to the professional development of women. Through the association March Women and a course she created, she empowers women with negotiation skills that go beyond the workplace.

Caroline Béguin


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