Managed Services

Managed Services

In summary

Sopra Banking Software hosts and operates a range of dedicated solutions on your behalf. These solutions are either developed by us, a third-party software house, or they are applications that you have developed in-house. Therefore, Managed Services offer a maximum level of personalisation.

Key advantages

1. Single point of contact

  • Cost reduction
  • Better services
  • Delivery risks minimised
  • Increased growth capacity

2. Maintain control of your IT

3. Diminish operational risk thanks to an experienced and secure partner (ISO 27001)

4. Broad coverage, including BPS and BPO

5. SLA defined in accordance with the infrastructure and service board

6. Benefit from Sopra Steria Group’s experience, expertise and industrial capabilities 

In detail

Companies are making decisions as quickly as possible and consequently it’s becoming more difficult to assign the right IT resources. Banks must offer low costs, and remain competitive at the same time. Outsourcing IT services helps financial institutions to address these challenges.

With Managed Services, you can outsource basic functions while retaining control of your company. We will manage governance, systems integration, compliance and application updates for you. 

Therefore, you can free up key resources to work on strategic initiatives, with the tools required to implement them.

Sopra Banking Software offers a single point of contact for all your needs; business, IT, software, infrastructure management, support, implementation, and day-to-day operations. As an optional extra, we can also help you to operate business processes (BPO) to help you get the most out of your operated solution.

As part of the Sopra Steria Group, our Managed Service benefit from the Group’s experience, expertise, and industrial capabilities in infrastructure management and cyber security. With over 100 customers live, including some of the largest banks in Europe, and over 3000 experts, Sopra Steria can provide a full range of infrastructure services, transformation consulting services, daily operations and end user services.

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