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With our unique experience and talents, we’re a strong partner for more than 1,500 customers around the world. Together with our clients, we are actively participating in preparing the financial world of tomorrow.


Who we are and what do we do

Our Platforms are designed to answer the needs of financial institutions across the globe: large banking groups, neobanks, lenders, auto dealers, payment institutions and many more.

We’re eager to support our customers’ projects, now and in the future.

Join a team of trusted, world-leading professionals and recognized as a top global player by industry experts – Gartner, Forrester, IBS Intelligence and IDC, just to name a few.

Sopra Banking Software figures (2022) : +5000 individuals, +50 offices, 1500 financial institutions, 426,5M € annual revenue in 2022.

Our mission is to contribute to tomorrow’s better financial world. Accessible to each of us, anytime, anywhere.
We help financial institutions to navigate challenging and changing times. With our technology and the strong commitment to be a trusted partner, we build digital native banks and enterprises.

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Sopra Banking Software also means

What I like about my job is that it allows me to grow and learn. Every day I face new challenges, which is very satisfying for me.
Sopra Banking Software is really a human-centric company. It was very obvious during the lockdown: employees’ security was a priority.

Constantly challenge ourselves to improve, through innovation and new technologies, the quality of our services and the working conditions and methods. I also appreciate the way our skills and performance are evaluated with a view to developing us.

What I really like at Sopra Banking Software, is learning from exceptional people. The team as well. It sounds cliché, but our team has cultivated a ‘win together, lose together’ attitude. Everyone is willing to help and to push one another, which makes this team the strongest I’ve ever worked within. Pub lunches help too..

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Frequently asked questions

What are the steps in the recruitment process?+

Here are the six steps to join our teams:
1. On our career page, apply for one of our job openings or send us an unsolicited application.
2. Your application will then be reviewed and selected by the recruitment team.
3. Next, a telephone interview will be scheduled with a recruitment manager.
4. You will then have the opportunity to have one or more operational interviews and technical tests, if necessary.
5. Following these interviews, a final meeting will be arranged with a member of the HR team, followed by a job offer.
6. Welcome to Sopra Banking Software! To view job openings, please visit the recruitment page of our various national and regional sites.
– MEA (Middle East Africa)
United Kingdom

Is there an onboarding process for new employees?+

An onboarding process has been established in each country. Each employee is monitored and supported during the six months following their arrival. Onboarding seminars and several follow-up interviews are held to ensure the successful integration of each employee.

Is there a career development process in place at Sopra Banking Software?+

Our company promotes continuing development for all employees. In order to address the aspirations of each individual and adapt to the rapid changes in our ecosystem, we support each employee in building a career that suits them. Tools and systems are made available to employees to guide them in advancing their careers within the Group. The development plan is discussed at HR Committee meetings, held regularly throughout the year.

How does Sopra Banking Software contribute to the development of its employees’ skills?+

All Sopra Banking Software employees can receive at least five days of training per year. More than 1,500 training courses are available in our “worldwide” training catalog, including more than 200 e-learning modules available in French and English.
Each employee has free access to the Sopra Steria Academy and Sopra Banking University training catalogs. They combine various types of training, including webinars, e-learning, virtual classes and in-person courses, covering operational and technological aspects as well as soft skills.
We also help employees to increase their skills by giving them hands-on experience, supervised by an Operational Manager during a project. Lastly, mentoring allows employees to develop their skills while performing a task with daily help from an expert.

Does Sopra Banking Software respect gender equality with regard to salary?+

Our company is extremely vigilant about respecting Gender Equality, and implements social and salary policies adapted to each country.

Is there an internal mobility policy in place at Sopra Banking Software?+

In order to address the aspirations of each individual and allow them to benefit from the advantages of an international Group, internal mobility, whether geographical, sectoral or line-of-business-related, is facilitated if an employee so requests. Of course, each employee is supported throughout the process.

What options do you offer in terms of remote working?+

Before the pandemic disrupted our way of working, remote working was already authorized in certain entities and under certain conditions. The pandemic has encouraged us to rethink the way we work, including remote working and flex hours. We are therefore clearly considering how to develop our policy in this area.

Do you provide support for technological retraining?+

We are committed to recruiting candidates with various types of profiles within our teams. In this respect, we also recruit those with non-IT profiles (from scientific backgrounds), whom we train in our technologies. Internally, our employees can also benefit from requalification training to familiarize themselves with various technologies.

What HR benefits does your company offer?+

We offer a wide range of benefits to our employees. They are broken down by country and explained during interviews with members of our HR teams.

How do you manage your employees’ salary progression?+

At the end of each year, salaries are re-evaluated and reviewed for each employee during HR Committees. These committees are an opportunity to share information about employees, including their professional expectations, and to conduct a collegial evaluation of their overall performance. It is during this meeting that a salary increase can be granted to the employee.

Is it possible to work on international projects?+

With more than 1,500 clients in 80 countries, a majority of our projects have an international dimension. It is therefore very easy for everyone to work on international projects.

What are the opportunities of remote working?+

Our work from home (WFH) policies have evolved over the last few years. More flexibility has been given not only on location but also on working hours.
At Sopra Banking Software, we pay special attention to the balance between the private and professional lives of our employees by ensuring both:
–          The need to work together and collectively in the projects’ realization,
–          The right to disconnect for everyone.
Our work from home policies are specific to each country.