Model bank

Standardize banking capacities and streamline IT infrastructure

Save time and money with a broad, pre-packaged “Model Bank” framework suitable for all sectors and geographies.

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Reference bank


Eliminate inefficiency

Reduced set-up time

Streamlined implementation

Increased speed

Optimized delivery

Out-of-the-box solution for any need

A pre-built foundation, ready for adoption and personalization. Easily implemented and maintained, with low cost and minimal delay.

  • Transform into a modern bank

    Fosters expert buy-in, facilitates differentiation through digital capability and ensures the alignment of core processes with best practices.

  • Master project risks

    Pre-configured, adoption-ready and proven solutions. From day one of implementation, strengthen the ability to assess and control risks, and focus on value added, not software development.

  • Manage local specifics

    Reflects country-specific requirements — regulations, reporting, clearing, language, and local products and services. With high levels of personalization, address market segmentation, internal organization and bank management.