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Develop your own digital transformation strategy, relying on our expertise and innovative, end-to-end approach of a European consulting leader.

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Understanding real-world banking needs

In-depth, banking-specific and technology-specific expertise, backed by the implementation capacity of Sopra Steria.

  • Bank-as-a-platform
    Rethink the foundations of your financial institution to develop into a platform company that is more agile and open to its ecosystem.
  • Customer experience
    Put customer experience at the heart of your business to become a long-term partner for your clients and support all their projects.
  • Change management
    Empower your employees by designing a complete digital transformation strategy and a detailed plan.
  • Performance analysis
    Boost your ecosystem’s operating performance at every stage in the value chain with agile methods and the latest technologies.
  • Data management
    Learn how to use, analyze and improve data traffic flow within the platform company, reconciling ethics, security and regulatory issues.
  • IT-as-a-service
    Optimize your model and seize new opportunities by industrializing your data and modernizing your IT.

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