Commercial lending

Automates even the most complex B2B lending

Manage commercial lending, however simple or complex. Sopra Financing Platform fits your commercial lending workflow, boosts your efficiency and lowers risk.

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Flexible financial engine

Multiple product types, financial structures


Multi-product, entity, currency, country

Digital ready 

Library of documented web services


Modern, industry-standard technology stack

Accounting postings

To general ledger software 

High fit

Built for commercial lending

Self-serve portal

Brandable and customizable

Flexible deployment

Cloud, hybrid, on-premise

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Automate and control your complete book of business on one system

Automate and control your complete book of business on one system

Gain efficiency, lower your risk and implement faster time to value.

  • Lending software that works your way
    Streamline all aspects of commercial lending with our flexible lending solution. Workflow, scoring, accounting postings and more.
  • Global experience at your service
    Lower project risk by working with the commercial lending automation experts with over 50 years of experience in the Americas, Europe and Asia.
  • Close loans faster, at a lower cost
    Guide users, boost efficiency and free up time with event-driven processes. Healthy contracts manage themselves. Dashboards provide visibility and lower risk.
  • Powerful rules engine
    Define any type of rule, product, scoring, pricing and more. Benefit from greater workflow-driven efficiency and compliance.
  • Multi-currency powerhouse
    Lend in one currency, collect in another. A powerful financial engine enables you to automate challenging FX requirements.
  • Scale operations securely
    Industrialize commercial lending across portfolios and countries. Digital-ready with an extensive API library. Cloud-ready, scalable and secure.

The importance of guarantees in the growth and liquidity of financial institutions

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Simplifies highly structured loan management

Manage every loan on a single platform. Improve control and compliance, lower costs and leave spreadsheets behind.

Makes complicated lending simple

Think your needs are complex and challenging? Then how about over 100 unique interest calculation rates, country-specific requirements, and over 4,000 loans and grants? Just a day’s work for one of our clients using Sopra Financing Platform.  

Leverage our experience and expertise

Commercial lending software is in our DNA. Our expertise, global reach and in-depth industry knowledge, as well as our 50 years of industry-specific experience, are at your service.