Collection management

A 360-degree digital solution for optimizing recovery

A solution for the entire collection process cycle. Extensive configuration and integration possibilities to lower risk.

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Omnichannel and optimized

Highly flexible

Configurable to specific requirements

KPIs & reporting

Track workload, productivity and efficiency

More time for core business

More time for core business

Reflect your specific processes. Integrate your IT ecosystem. Bring efficiency to your business.

  • 360° risk view
    Complete collection dossier provides holistic risk view. Customer-specific arrears management plan increases recovery efficiency and success.
  • Automated
    Event-driven processes free agents. Flexible settlement plans allow quick adaption to new customer situations.
  • Digital integration
    IT ecosystem integration enables a complete data view. Digital driven features mean do-it-yourself & recovery by customer.

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Soft & hard collection with one system

Manage and automate the collection process with one system. Consolidate solutions and improve efficiency.

Digital portal for your end customers

Enable end customers to take preventive actions such using credit to pay a debt or creating repayment plans.