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Insurance distribution

Amplify insurance products reach
A white label, customizable solution for distributing insurance products online without any IT development. You keep full control over your data with our Rest API.
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Increase your subscription volumes

Provide end-to-end customized digital subscription for your insurance products; add partners/distributors easily to the same platform.

An Open Finance solution to create a digital version of your products

Customers increasingly demand solutions that are tailor-made to suit their financial situation and expect a superior subscription experience – all due to the new agile players entering the market and offering seamless innovative solutions. Generate a digital version of your insurance products from an existing web service, a secure API or a file. We provide an online subscription path editor to create it without IT development and instantly preview the white label customer subscription experience. You and your distributors have access to a line of code allowing you to transform any existing customer interface into an online subscription point thanks to embedded finance.
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    Edit subscription journeys in a few clicks

    Create personalized subscription journeys without IT developments thanks to our online journey editor.

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    Automate data sharing & aggregate third-party services

    Our API aggregates your third-party partner services (document verification, signature, payment etc.) and automates data sharing with your solutions.

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    Mitigate non-compliant risk

    Guarantee regulatory compliance by easily adapting to the KYC/KYB rules as and when they evolve.

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    Reduce IT and distribution cost

    Launch and distribute new insurance products without any IT development.

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    Reduce time-to-market

    Leverage the turnkey solution to bring innovative products to market faster.

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