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Investment distribution

Amplify investment product reach
A white-label platform to digitally distribute listed and unlisted investment products directly to end customers or through distributors. Empower customers with a personalised end-to-end digital subscription journey.
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Digitally scale product distribution and extend product portfolio

Leverage Investment Distribution to create your own white-label platform for distributing products directly or via your distributor’s network. Reduce cost, and focus on bringing innovative products to the market at record time

Don’t let your customers miss out!

Customers increasingly demand solutions that are tailor-made to suit their financial situation and expect a superior subscription experience – all due to the new agile players entering the market and offering seamless innovative solutions. Leverage the turnkey digital distribution solution to offer products to customers in lesser time at a lesser cost. Gain competitive advantage by bringing the solutions that are fit-to-customer, thanks to the 360° view of the customer’s profile and match the opportunities with the help of an in-built recommendation engine. Aggregate not only your but partners’ products as well and distribute directly to customers or through a partner’s network – all while staying compliant.
  • Reduce IT and distribution cost

    Launch and distribute new investment products without any IT development.

  • Improve customer satisfaction

    Recommend investment opportunities matched to the customer’s profile.

  • Increase transaction volume

    Scale digital distribution by direct-selling or by adding distributors to the same platform.

  • Mitigate non-compliant risk

    Easily adapt to the KYC/KYB rules as and when they evolve.

  • Reduce time-to-market

    Leverage the turnkey solution to bring innovative products to market faster.