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Dashboard for credit scoring

Customer analytics dashboard for credit scoring
Access a broad and comprehensive analysis of your clients’ financial situation via a single interface and ramp up your credit decisions.
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A cutting-edge dashboard for customer insight

Easily leverage the plug-and-play dashboard with no IT integration

A detailed financial overview of each customer

Leverage open banking data and obtain a better picture of customer finances via a credit scoring system. Analyze customers’ transaction data to build a holistic picture of their financial health for score attribution. Make informed credit decisions in order to facilitate: loan origination ,debt consolidation, mortgage loans, car subscription/leasing, last-chance loans.
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    Boost your back office efficiency

    One-stop-shop visualization tool that adapts your data for lending decisions.

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    Obtain a holistic view of each customer

    Analyze customers’ open banking data and build customers’ financial profile in just a couple of seconds.

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    Data-driven decisions

    The credit scoring model is attributed to customers based on their specific financial profile.

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    Enhanced visibility

    The creditview dashboard sorts data into visually accessible, relevant information that can then be used for better, faster decision-making in real-time.

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    Seamless integration

    Easily integrate the dashboard API in just a few lines of code thanks to exhaustive API documentation.

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