Interview with a Quality Analyst : “I am the Quality Gatekeeper for our mortgage solutions” 

Mar 13, 2024 - 5 min read
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Caroline Béguin, Copywriter at Sopra Banking Software

In the field of information technology (IT), a quality analyst checks whether software and systems meet established standards. By doing that, they ensure reliability, early bug detection, and user satisfaction, while reducing post-launch correction costs.

This is the mission of Sunil Bagri, Quality Analyst and mortgage and savings expert at Sopra Banking Software (SBS). Working from Noida, India, Sunil reflects on his five-year career at SBS. Through the various anecdotes he shares, it’s clear how important interpersonal workplace relationships are to Sunil.

Sunil Bagri, Quality Analyst at Sopra Banking Software

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned in your career? 

Sunil Bagri: If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together. I strongly believe that teamwork makes the dream work. It helps get things done better and quicker than working solo. Different perspectives lead to smarter solutions by combining ideas. Every team member brings their own skills, making it easier to solve problems. Working with others builds strong connections and a sense of belonging. 

Why did you choose to join the financial industry? 

Sunil Bagri: I graduated in computer science engineering and have always been interested in the financial industry. During school, I read about the Great Recession, which engrossed me and sparked an interest in understanding how the banking and mortgage business operates within the financial sector – one of the most forward-thinking industries globally, marked by constant change and growth. And now, I find myself marking a decade in the financial industry, with five of those years dedicated to SBS.

As a quality analyst, how do you contribute to the development of banking and mortgage activities?

Sunil Bagri: I specialize in mortgages and savings and work as a quality analyst. Our mortgage solution, Mortgage and Savings Suite (MSS), involves several responsibilities: I ensure the automation of regression test scripts, manage test environments, analyze test failures, and configure meta parameters. In addition to that, the team I’m part of implements new processes and best practices.

I also update the documentation related to our product. We record everything: what our product does, what a mortgage means, where you can open an account and close it, etc. We also document tips and tricks, like how to automate the product and where to start.

In short, I’m the quality gatekeeper for our mortgage solution, ensuring the delivery of defect-free systems to our customers.

Can you tell us about a quality analyst project you’re currently working on?

Sunil Bagri: I’m part of various projects related to MSS – one aims to expedite our delivery process for a better customer experience.

Currently, our project delivery cycle is up to a year, and it takes us anywhere from six to 12 months to ship a product to customers. The goal is to reduce the cycle to one month.

That involves moving testing activities that are usually performed at the end of the product cycle to the early stages of development onward: regression, user acceptance, and vulnerability testing, and any technical certification.

With every sprint, we ensure new features don’t impact previous functionality. We also make sure defects or bugs we might potentially face toward the end are addressed as they arise. That allows us to save a lot of time, enables faster delivery to the customer, and is highly cost-effective.

Of all the projects you’ve worked on, which has fascinated you the most?

Sunil Bagri: I’ve been involved in various projects at SBS, but the one that particularly intrigues me is a transformation project I was part of. The initial task was monumental: automating over 1,500 test cases. The conventional approach would have taken over 1,000 hours. The challenge was to automate everything and ensure execution within a 30-hour timeframe.

Despite its complexity, our diverse team contributed different thoughts and approaches through brainstorming sessions. We not only achieved the initial goal but also expanded our scope to automate and execute the ongoing release. The exceptional collaboration among teammates toward a common goal gained appreciation from senior managers and leaders.

What challenges does a quality analyst face?

Sunil Bagri: The primary challenge is keeping pace with ever-changing technology. With the introduction of newer AI tools in the market, customer demands are escalating – they seek more within shorter processing times. The dynamic environment keeps us alert, innovative, and on our toes.

What do you like most about your job? 

Sunil Bagri: The best part is the opportunity to constantly learn and grow. The autonomy and trust I receive from my superiors is remarkable, allowing me to take ownership of my projects and find innovative solutions to problems. More importantly, I get to see the direct results of my efforts, which is incredibly rewarding. Witnessing the positive impact my work has on banks and customers is fulfilling.

Do you have a memorable anecdote to share about your work or a particular project?

Sunil Bagri: In 2023, I participated in a cross-country project within the SBS career booster program. Our team comprised six individuals, each working from distinct parts of the world. Despite being a short-term proof-of-concept project, we faced availability challenges due to varying time zones and different working styles – someone’s afternoon coincided with another’s dawn.

As we progressed through a few meetings, we developed a mutual understanding and collaborated effectively. There were amusing moments when someone struggled to find the right word, attempting to convey its meaning with the closest alternative, while others engaged in a game of charades, encouraging them to use the word in a sentence or call it out in their native language, and started guessing by recognizing the sound.

Nevertheless, we learned a lot from each other and got to know more about people’s cultures, festivals, traditional attire, and cuisines. We still catch up now and then and chat about how everyone is doing.

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