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Digital mortgage platform

Don’t let fragmented and complex processes hold you back from delivering an unrivalled mortgage customer experience.

We blend together a diverse team of industry experts and a proven technology, to fuel the most powerful digital mortgage platform available today.

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Who we serve

With fragmented and complex processes, banks are struggling to differentiate their mortgage offering and forced to compete on price.
Deliver unrivalled customer and broker experience and create a competitive advantage with the world’s most powerful digital mortgage platform.

Digital mortgages for banks

Legacy systems and limited resources are forcing building societies to retain manual and complex mortgages processes.
Start exceeding broker and member expectations and empower your employees to deliver fast and efficient mortgage processes with our powerful digital mortgage platform.

Digital mortgages for building societies

Mortgage market challenges

  • Reduced product margins

    Providers are being forced to compete on price to attract new customers.

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    Dwindling broker loyalty

    Complex processes are frustrating brokers and impacting case volumes.

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    Competitive threat

    More agile fintechs are disrupting the mortgage space.

  • Increased customer expectations

    Consumers expect faster processing times and more intuitive portals.

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    Fragmented processes

    Disparate systems and processes are frustrating staff and customers.

  • Painful integrations

    Delays in mortgage approvals caused by systems that don’t easily integrate with 3rd parties.

Our digital mortgage platform capabilities

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    Mortgage specialists

    Delivered by local mortgage experts with a proven track record of successful implementations.

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    Scalable solution

    Deploy locally and scale globally. A flexible mortgage platform that can meet existing and future demands.

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    Rapid benefits realization

    Delight senior stakeholders by delivering measurable results from day one.

  • Reduce operating costs

    Automate manual tasks, optimize workflows and boost productivity.

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    Accelerate decisions

    Benefit from the native integration with Experian, Equifax and nine third party agencies.

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    Drive innovations

    Leverage technology and empower employees to create bespoke experiences.

Ready for the digital transformation?

Modern customer experience

Differentiate your society by creating a unique customer experience at any device, at any time and enhanced by the offers from the partners’ ecosystem.

Complete mortgage solution

Configurable broker portal and relationship manager, mortgages origination and servicing. Create and distribute tailored, niche products that fully meet member expectations.

Faster credit scoring

Time is key! Benefit from the native integration with Experian, Equifax and nine third-party agencies. And make a decision quickly.

We have all the answers you need

Frequently asked questions

+ Why would I choose the Sopra Digital Mortgage Platform?

The Sopra Banking Software digital mortgage software is trusted by 19 of the top 20 banks in EMEA. With a rich history of successful implementations, we understand the nuances and complexities of the mortgage process, and the evolving challenges faced by providers.

+ Does the digital mortgage platform integrate with other applications?

We are focussed on building a unique end-to-end ecosystems in the mortgage marketplace. We already partner with leading third-party providers in the mortgage space, to deliver a seamless experience for customer and intermediaries. We strategise and collaborate with industry experts who are committed to your success.

+ How does the platform meet evolving regulatory standards?

With a constantly evolving legislative landscape it’s vital that your digital mortgage platform continues to meet regulatory standards. As industry experts, we keep one step ahead of regulators and update our technology standards accordingly, ensuring peace of mind for your compliance team.

+ How easy it is to deploy new mortgages on the platform?

Our software provides concurrent and seamless running of programmes, enabling you to launch new products without the need for code changes. Our workflow-driven customer experience platform enables intelligent profiling and the ability to launch new, targeted products in hours, rather than days. You benefit from increased productivity and avoid the risk of losing high-score and profitable borrowers to competitors.

+ How long does a typical deployment take?

A deployment typically takes between weeks and two months, depending on the complexity of your requirements.