Sales and Servicing

Optimise the omnichannel sales process

In summary

To generate interest, facilitate decision making, and better support customers through their purchasing journey (via one channel then another) you need to be able to draw on a customer-focused omnichannel sales process. Sales & Servicing enables you to design and manage this sort of process to coordinate all activities with agility, and offer the customer the experience they want. 

Key advantages

  • Customer focus: omnichannel purchasing journey follow-up with relevant offers
  • Sales boost: marketing support and greater visibility
  • Increased business agility: processes that can be personalised from sales to after-sales services 

In detail

Throughout the entire sales process, Sales & Servicing provides customers and advisors the support required to assist decision making, facilitate sales, provide after-sales services, and manage risks.

Our solution smoothly coordinates all stages of the purchasing journey, which may involve external partners, from end-to-end, from sales to after-sale services.
Sales & Servicing makes it possible to personalise interactions with customers and to help them bring their plans to life via the channel of their choice, from the initial intention to the decision.

This differentiating experience generates more commercial opportunities while enabling advisors to stay focused on added value activities. 

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