Customer Engagement

Strengthening ties with the customer

In summary

Today, the challenges to overcome to establish a strong and long-lasting customer relationship include constantly adapting to new usages and meeting prosumers’ expectations by developing the added value of offers and services. Our solutions enable banks to transform their customer engagement systems to implement customer-focused, omnichannel, digital strategies.

Key advantages

  • Customer centricity: the right offer, for the right customer, at the right price, at the right time, and via the right channel
  • Reduced time to market thanks to increased marketing agility
  • Increased revenues: new commercial opportunities and long-term loyalty

In detail

Strengthening ties with the customer means promoting their independence but staying ever closer; it means making their journey easier, and proactively offering the services and assistance they need, via the channel of their choice; it also means supporting them with their life plans by providing value through advice and offers which are suitable for their circumstances and needs.
Our Customer Engagement Suite solutions (customer knowledge, offer design and sales process optimisation etc), provide all the flexibility and agility required, via their components, to create even more value and boost differentiation, thus fostering customer engagement.

Related products and components

Products Offering

Driving differentiation through customer-focused offers

To stay at the heart of customer relationships, and keep their place in the ecosystem, banks must provide a compelling range of offers.

Sales and Servicing

Optimise the omnichannel sales process

To generate interest, facilitate decision making, and better support customers through their purchasing journey (via one channel then another) you need to be able to draw on a customer-focused omnichannel sales process.

Customer relationship management

Enhanced customer knowledge for enhanced customer loyalty

In the era of the prosumer, knowing and understanding the customer to support them through their experience is essential for a successful customer relationship.

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