Sopra Steria: #2 in the Truffle 100 French Software Vendor

Jun 24, 2020
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Sopra Banking Software

Paris, 23rd June 2020 – For the fourth year running, Sopra Steria is proud to hold second place in the Truffle 100 French software vendor ranking. This performance demonstrates the relevance of the Group’s strategy, which has an independent project creating lasting value at its core. This project is based on business expansion, added value, and differentiation as regards other digital service companies, especially through its business software development with Sopra Banking Software, Sopra HR Software, and Real Estate, as well as its strategic partnership with Axway.  

The current crisis has irreversibly accelerated digital transformation by denoting the advantages of technology that facilitates an “anywhere, anything, anytime” approach. Flexibility provided by “as a service” model based on Cloud technologies has proven its merits by enabling a large number of business to adapt their costs, while maintaining service continuity, regardless of their sector.

Therefore, investment in software, which is essential for the economy as a whole, is a key component of responsiveness, effective performance, and competitivity for businesses. Furthermore, in 2019, the software development industry generated 10.8 billion Euros in revenue in France, i.e. and increase of 16% on 2018, according to the last Truffle 100 ranking.

What’s more, software development has been an example of French excellence for over 50 years. This industry has been remarkably resilient with revenues quadrupling over 15 years and double-digit profitability. Software development has also enabled France to affirm its sovereignty by gaining international market share, while resisting relocation of its R&D workforce.

Eric Pasquier, Member of the Sopra Steria Group Board of Directors and CEO of Sopra Banking Software, explained “I am convinced that we have a key role to play in accelerating our customers’ digital transformation. Our duty is to develop software at the cutting edge of technology, taking into account the new relationship between people and AI”.