All your customers’ finances in one place – your banking app

Use account aggregation services and enable your clients to get all their financial data from your applications.

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… looking for an access to all customers’ account data (PSD2 and non-PSD2 accounts) and ways to present it to end-users in a cleaned and categorized way.

With SBS open banking platform aggregate real-time transactional data from 3,400+ financial institutions in Europe, clean & enrich and display to customers in your banking apps. Enable your end-users to select banks to connect, give a consent, finish authentication, access all accounts from one app.

For financial institutions

What do you get with multi-banking?

One of our pre-built use cases to take the full advantage of open banking quickly and cost-efficiently.

Better customer knowledge

Access to your customers’ personal and financial information for a full picture

Improved experience

Let your customers oversee all their accounts without changing apps

Increased retention

Better experience – better satisfaction, more customers staying

Go beyond PSD2

Gain the capability to get any banking account data

Reduced cost-to-income

Ready-to-use solution with the pre-integrated Tink’s technology

Innovation path

Easy access to other open banking use cases and services

Want to become THE bank for your customers?

Book a demo to see what you can do with the Sopra Banking open banking solution for multi-banking.

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  • Account aggregation
    Connect to 3,400+ financial institutions across Europe. Access to the real-time transactional data (PSD2 and non-PSD2 accounts) and get the full picture of your customers' financial situation.
  • Data cleaning & enrichment
    Manage the complexity of various data formats & types. Refine, enrich and constantly improve data using machine learning. Take the real value of aggregated information.
  • Orderbook & audit trailing
    Comprehensive and detailed transactional requests for improved transparency and security against customers' claims.
  • Developer portal
    Comprehensive guides, full API documentation, sandbox, enhanced developers' support with the security by design.
  • White-labelled apps
    Use existing templates to build a mobile or web app, adjusted to your brand identity and particular business and customers' needs.

How it works

1. Become a regulated TPP with your own eIDAS certificate. Or leverage Tink’s eIDAS certificate.

2. Manage the actual bank coverage you want  your end-customer to share their data from.

3. In the API developer portal, select services and associated APIs to use in your banking apps.

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