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Enhanced onboarding

Next-generation onboarding
Connect with prospects across all channels, verify auto-filled KYC information, enable your customers to share permissioned data from other banks… Speed up the process!
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Encourage growth through personalized onboarding services

Take advantage of enhanced KYC compliance and leverage real-time customer data from trusted sources, improving efficiency, and offering a seamless onboarding experience

Effortless onboarding!

Increasingly digital-savvy customers are demanding more and more from their financial institutions. Jump on the open banking wave, and provide customers with a unique, personalized onboarding experience. Via our open banking platform, gain access to accounts across +3400 EU banks. Securely provision and autofill available KYC information from trusted sources. The onboarding process is fully digital, from data gathering and ID legitimation to e-signature. This solution improves customer conversion rations while remaining in compliance with regulations at all times.
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    Increased efficiency

    Improve due diligence performance and regulatory compliance.

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    Expedite processes

    Enhance CX with predictive form filling.

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    Reduce risk

    Make better-informed decisions with data aggregation from new and trusted sources.

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    Increase conversions

    Provide enhanced digital KYC and facilitate smooth customer onboarding.

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    Reduce cost

    Lower your cost-to-income ratio with a ready-to-use solution pre-integrated with Tink.

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    Boost productivity

    Leverage automated analysis and assessment to make better, quicker decisions.

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