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Win customers, cut costs

Community is a digital-first, cost-effective way to attract new customers at a fraction of the cost. Acquire new customers while saving on digital marketing and customer support costs - an efficient digital banking solution.
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Leverage the power of social banking

Build an online financial portal that functions as a customer acquisition engagement platform. All while cutting costs in the process.

Social banking to attract and engage

Community is a bank-owned social network that attracts and engages prospective clients and customers. Banks drive customers to their Community, where they can nurture them with relevant content, before providing tailored experiences to increase their onboarding rate. Banks can further encourage organic KYC completion by offering valuable services and incentives, rather than simply paying users a hefty fee to join.
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    An acquisition engagement platform

    Steer digital traffic to your Community, nurture prospective clients, build trust, and encourage onboarding.

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    Rewards for engagement

    Drive KYC- completion with loyalty points and rewards rather than hefty payouts. For example, require prospective clients to onboard before cashing in on points.

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    Personalized experiences

    Drive prospective clients onboard. Gather 1st party data and analyze behavior to create hyper-personalized offers, relevant ads, and tailored customer journeys.

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    A cost-effective help desk

    Lower pressure on traditional support lines by utilizing 24/7 peer-to-peer support from reliable experts. Reduce customer support costs by up to 90%.

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    Fast results firsthand

    The average incumbent bank pays over 300 € to acquire a new customer. A leading German digital bank that implemented our Community solution pays only €13.

They have seen the results

– 200,000+ community users

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– 1 million+ community users
– 70+ NPS

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