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Maximize Request-to-Pay opportunities with our cutting-edge solution
We help banks to capture the full potential of the Request-to-Pay market and increase their revenue by accelerating project timelines while minimizing risks.
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Gain a competitive advantage

Helping banks to provide added value services to their end-users and build better ‘digital relationships’ with their clients
RtP fills a gaping hole in the financial services industry. The new messaging service – designed to help businesses and individuals better manage their money – is the missing link that will bring with it new clarity with regards to cash flow and payment, as well as improved flexibility for users. Rely on our high-fit, state-of-the-art solution to make sure you are not left behind!
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    High functionality

    Works for a wide range of RtP use cases and provides value-add functions, improving customer service.

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    A la carte

    A comprehensive component-based solution covering the entire RtP value chain. Cherry pick the components you require.

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    Pre-assembled components facilitate the rollout of the first use cases as well as the integration, resulting in a shorter time to market.

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    Achieve a secure RtP rollout at scale. Deploy with confidence and add new use cases when and where they are required.

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    Future proof

    A cloud-native, microservices-based architecture enables IT investment optimization.

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    With 30 years of expertise in payments, we deliver the best-in-class solution.

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