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Instant payments

Instant Payments System for secure, round the clock payment
Our innovative instant payments solution is easily adaptable to your situation. Ready to take a step into real-time?
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Reap the benefit of Instant Payments

Choose a powerful and cost-effective system to offer secure real-time payments and improve domestic & cross-border reachability.

Choose a powerful and cost-effective system that offers secure real-time payments, improving domestic & cross-border reachability.

Our fully compliant and modular Instant Payments solution means you can provide your customers with more added value and innovation. Leverage advanced AI and machine learning capabilities to fight all types of fraud patterns. Our whitebox approach to AI ensures that the system is transparent and easy to configure by non-technical business users.
  • Fast implementation

    Rapid installation with a go-live in 3 months promise

  • Proven scalability

    Hassle-free expansion

  • One stop shop

    Complete value chain coverage, especially fraud prevention

  • Strong fraud management

    Leverage modern technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to tackle fraud efficiently in real-time.

  • Compatible with CSMs

    Increase your reachability across Europe and Africa.

  • A la carte delivery

    Choose what suits you best – on premise, managed services or SaaS.

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