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Instant account check

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Instantly verify account ownership using real-time data straight from a user’s bank account - creating a quick and simple payment setup.
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Instantly verify bank accounts

Increased security means making sure money is transferred in and out of the right account.

Boost security, build trust

The Account Check lets you confirm the owner of a bank account by accessing real-time data from banks from account number, IBAN or routing number to account holder name, and (in some markets) identity data. Banks already have the data developers need for account ownership verification, but for the first time the data is accessible through APIs. With Account Check, your users can easily share their account information within your application, while avoiding obstacles such as bank statement provision or micro deposits.
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    Increase conversion

    Increase account open rates with an easy onboarding process that takes just minutes.

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    Reduce risk

    Protect against account fraud with secure, real-time data directly from users’ banks.

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    Boost efficiency

    Increase operational efficiency and save time and money by automating the verification process.

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