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Boost NPS and foster advocacy

Leverage the power of social banking with an interactive and engaging online financial portal. Use owned data to draw actionable insights and amaze customers with incredible and lasting experiences. #CX
#Social banking

Satisfied customers become brand ambassadors

Nurture users with relevant content, boost customer engagement, and create the tailored digital banking experiences they are looking for! Give customers the tools to become daily advocates for your bank.

New solutions and better #CX in banking

Community is a bank-owned social network that functions as an engagement platform. Users are driven to the financial institution’s online financial portal where they come face-to-face with tailored content in an anonymous, safe digital space. Add to that peer-to-peer expert advice and rewards based on behavior and you get a seamless engagement experience that creates long-lasting relationships with customers.
  • Enhance trust

    Use an unbiased and anonymous environment to encourage users to openly discuss, engage, recommend, advise, and seek financial products and services.

  • Rewards for engagement

    Integrate loyalty bonuses through the Community to drive interaction and community growth.

  • Personalize experiences

    Source 1st party data and analyze behavior to create hyper-personalized offers, relevant ads, and tailored customer journeys to encourage loyalty.

  • Co-create with costumers

    Give customers a voice, and show them that you are listening. Solicit product ratings, reviews, and suggestions. Gather fresh ideas, then leverage the best ones for the roadmap.

  • Seamless customer support

    Provide peer-to-peer customer support available across channels 24/7. Enable experts and ambassadors to provide reliable advice, while simultaneously slashing your support costs.

  • Link to social networks

    Give super-users and satisfied customers an easy way to share Community content on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Provide loyalty points as an incentive. Let them advertise and advocate for you.

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– 200,000+ community users

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– 1 million+ community users
– 70+ NPS

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