FinTrends | Open Finance : Where are we in 2024?

Dec 19, 2023 - 10 min read
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Caroline Béguin, Copywriter at Sopra Banking Software
  • FinTrends is a podcast series launched by Sopra Banking Software to delve into the hot topics of the finance sector. And right now, Open Banking is the talk of the town…

Open Banking: a buzzword invented by marketers?

While we’ve been tossing around the term ‘Open Banking’ for about a decade, it’s evolved into a multifaceted subject, far from being crystal clear in its essence.

So, what’s really behind this marketing buzzword? That’s precisely what we unravel in this three-episode series.

A three-episode podcast

Our guest, in this series aims to keep the focus on what is really relevant. He guides us in understanding the purpose of Open Banking, its limitations, and what we currently need to foster the development of tomorrow’s value-added services.

Episode 1 | The genesis of Open Banking

Find here the first episode of the series. Bruno Cambounet takes us back to the genesis of this concept born in the early 2000s…

Episode 2 | From Open Banking to Open Finance

In this second episode, Bruno Cambounet admits the necessity to move towards Open Finance : Open Banking is a somewhat vague concept revolving around payment services only whereas Open Finance encompasses all areas of personal financial data…

Episode 3 | Open Finance : Where are we in 2024?

Dive into the dynamic world of Open Finance as it carves out its space within the banking landscape. While Open Banking’s definition remains elusive, Europe has adeptly outlined the contours of Open Finance. With this paradigm shift, we’re not just defining finance; we’re sculpting a future where finance serves both individuals and businesses. It’s a thrilling journey as we construct the finance of tomorrow in an open world that extends far beyond finance !

Bruno Cambounet

Bruno is the Head of Research at SBS. His mission is to identify early on the areas for investment and to shape SBS’s strategy and market positioning. He is passionate about how digital transformation is reshaping the economy. Specifically, he is fascinated by the potential that open data provides to educate ‘Mr. and Mrs. Everybody’ about finance. Bruno is actively involved in various organizations, including the global competitiveness cluster Finance Innovation, the standardization body Berlin-Group, and within the European Commission.