Identity & Access

Innovative identification, authentication and authorization solutions

Ensure not only a robust level of security but also enough flexibility for the modern marketplace. 

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New technologies, new challenges

New architecture requires the transformation of security habits.

Secure APIs

For Open Banking

Modern identity layer

Open ID Connect

System extensibility

Easy integration

Platforms, Open Banking & security

Banks and FIs increasingly base their models around platforms. The ecosystem becomes a real growth driver. To get producers and consumers exchanging value on the platform, the first step is onboarding – contextualized, easy to use and secure. A smooth on-boarding process gets more users in the door, and it creates an identity, credentials and related authorizations.


An open platform and a dynamic ecosystem require a secure environment to ensure that:

– Users are authenticated
– Identities are established  
– Rights are appropriately allocated
– Signatures are enabled

A strong Identity & Access Management system standardizes critical aspects of managing identities, authentication and authorization, saving time and money, and reducing risk to your business. It also remains flexible enough to allow room for innovation and broad accessibility. 

Our Identity & Access Management system

Relies on proven standards such as Open Id Connect and remains open to other identity providers. 

– Open Id Connect is a simple identity layer on top of the OAuth 2.0 protocol
– Open Id Connect allows clients to verify the identities based on the authentication performed by an authorization server
– Open Id Connect obtains basic profile information about the end user in an interoperable and REST-like manner

Looking forward

Today’s users access secure systems via mobile and cloud, any time, almost anywhere.

Using cloud technologies means developing new solutions, but also taking advantage of the identity, authentication, authorization and signature systems already in place. Integration can easily be done with existing systems like Open Id Connect and Oauth, which can be leveraged for the benefit of the ecosystem.

This dynamic leads inexorably to an open API approach, which is driving new requirements in terms of consent management, sign-on, identity federation, as well as intrinsic links with cybersecurity.