Design and deliver exceptional customer experiences with auto finance software

The component-based Sopra Financing Platform enables auto lenders around the world to onboard and service customers more efficiently, streamlining every stage of high-volume automotive lending processes, from front to back office, with auto finance software

Stay at the forefront of innovation in automotive finance with #1 auto lending software

Develop and nurture deep relationships with dealers and customers

Auto lending software is the engine of an automotive finance business. 

Sopra Financing Platform for Automotive Finance is specifically designed for the asset-based and specialist finance needs of auto lenders. It offers fully cloud-based solutions that can stand alone or be combined, extending the business capabilities of the auto lender, while achieving a reduced time to marketfaster time to value, and improved control of dealer and asset-linked credit risks.

Scheme of automotive finance industry illustrating the interactions between the client and lender
  • Keep pace with technological changes in the auto finance industry to effectively meet the needs of customers.

  • Streamline every stage of high-volume lending processes, optimizing efficiency and accuracy, ensuring better customer experiences.

  • Accessing a broad ecosystem of partners offers auto finance providers the advantage of diverse expertise.

  • Designing modern, multi-channel customer experiences involving cutting-edge technologies and innovative strategies.

  • Stay compliant with the latest environmental regulations to minimize ecological footprint.

  • Produce insightful dashboards to assess and manage risks efficiently, facilitating informed decision-making.

For all types of automotive lender

Run funding operations of the future

  • Fully digital

    Experience seamless, paperless auto financing with our advanced automotive finance software. Access and analyze all your data in one centralized platform with just a click.

  • Faster processing

    Streamline your workflow with rapid credit decisions, efficient pricing management, seamless customer contracting, and real-time dealer data updates for faster, more effective operations.

  • Enhanced customer experience

    SFP for Automotive Finance enables tailored interactions and enhances engagement, creating a customized journey for each customer.

  • Real-time risk assessment

    Achieve swift credit profiling and manage risk events efficiently with our advanced auto lending software, ensuring secure and sound decision-making.

  • Improved recoveries

    Leverage fully digital processes, streamlined payment management, and industry-leading partnerships for improved recovery rates with our advanced auto lending software.

  • Cost efficiency

    Eliminate manual hand-offs with our automotive finance software, streamlining your workflow and reducing operational costs.


  • Richard Winter

  • Michael Dunne

Meet Richard Winter, the Operations Director at Honda Finance Europe PLC, also known as Honda Financial Services, a division of the Honda Motor Company. In this role, Winter oversees the operational aspects of the financial services offered by the company, ensuring seamless and efficient service for Honda customers.
His deep knowledge and expertise in the financial sector, combined with his experience at Honda, provide valuable insights into the intersection of finance and the automotive industry.

Enlightening conversation with Michael Dunne, CEO of Dunne Insights LLC. Dunne Insights is a leading firm that provides top-notch intelligence and advisory services to investors, automakers, suppliers, and technology companies aiming to capitalize on the electric car and battery business.
Operating across Asia, Europe, and North America, Dunne Insights covers 95% of the world’s electric vehicle markets, offering unparalleled expertise in the rapidly evolving EV industry.

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      We develop and deploy cutting-edge digital solutions for auto finance lenders, integrating advanced technology into the core of your operations. With SFP automotive finance software, you’ll have the flexibility to adapt your business models to new opportunities and innovate at your speed.