Shufti pro

  • Global service

    Shufti Pro has verified millions of identities in 230+ countries and territories. Verify your customers anytime, anywhere in the world.

  • Supports 150+ languages

    Verify global identity documents (ID card, passport, driving license) in 150+ languages in real-time.

  • On-premises & API options

    Maintain full control over your user data with on-premises IDV solution or perform cost-effective IDV in real-time with simple API/SDK integration.

  • In-house databases

    Shufti Pro has an in-house database of over 1700+ AML watchlists which are updated every 15 minutes. It supports 3000+ types of ID documents for KYC.

  • Hybrid technology

    Shufti Pro offers fully automated KYC/AML solutions and Hybrid technology services where human experts cross-check each verification.

  • Free Trial

    Seven days free trial of Shufti Pro’s services. No credit card or non-disclosure required. Get first-hand experience and backoffice access.

Looking for more information? Check out the presentation

Looking for more information? Check out the presentation

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Reliable KYC & AML Screening

Practice reliable KYC and AML compliance and perform multi-layered IDV without affecting user experience. Affordable pricing and customized solutions to provide a seamless identity verification experience to your customers. Perform effortless identity verification, age verification, and business verification. Robust login and transaction authentication with a selfie.

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