• Specialist

    A mature pure-play platform, with a customer analytics foundation. NGDATA is continuously developing its product to make it best-in-class.

  • Smart

    Engage customers with relevant messages, leveraging AI to predict and orchestrate the next best experience across channels, based on Customer DNA.

  • Scalable

    A flexible platform built to ingest and store big data volumes, enabling a faster time to market through a vast library of out-of-the-box use cases.

  • Secure

    NGDATA has robust processes in place to ensure your customer data is protected with first-class data compliance guidance such as for GDPR and CCPA.

  • Successful

    Confident in its platform’s ability to maximize value of each customer interaction – boosting loyalty and revenue – NGDATA applies engagement-based pricing. 

Looking for more details? Check out the presentation

Looking for more details? Check out the presentation

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Kickstart from data to value

Combine the experience of one of the most mature players in the Customer Data Platform space with the effectiveness of a valued integrator. This translates into a quick time to value through technical know-how of your company’s infrastructure, CDP best practices and industry specific use cases.

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