National regulations

An agile and robust range of software rolled out in over 25 countries

Sopra Banking Compliance offers a proven, reliable, efficient and scalable solution to generate the regulatory reports required in over 25 countries, in full, ongoing compliance with regulations. The software manages reporting to various National Central Banks, deposit guarantee fund declarations and banking customers’ fiscal reporting.

Key advantages

  • Wealth of functionalities
  • Designed to adapt to new regulatory reforms
  • Automated data collection and reporting
  • Advanced and customisable regulatory checks system 
  • Dashboard: process progress, anomaly detection, analysis, user actions
  • Full end-to-end audit trail
  • Seamless XBRL integration
  • Regulatory compliance guarantee 

In details

In order to effectively address national requirements and guarantee reliable regulatory reporting within deadlines, Sopra Banking Software offers a suite of three software programs:

Sopra Banking Compliance - Report

Unique and agile software for periodic and summary national reporting:

  • France / Banque de France / ACPR (SURFI, Protide, BDP)
  • UK / Bank Of England / PRA / FCA
  • Spain / Banco de España
  • Belgium / Banque Nationale de Belgique / Schema A
  • Luxembourg / Banque Centrale du Luxembourg / CSSF
  • Suisse / Banque Nationale Suisse / FINMA
  • Morocco / Bank al maghrib
  • Algeria / Banque d’Algérie
  • Etc. (other countries on request)

Report also encompasses European reporting supervised by the European Banking Authority. 
In addition, Sopra Banking Software covers reporting in eight West African and eight in Central African countries, with its suite - Core Banking Amplitude; leader on the African market.

Sopra Banking Compliance - Taxbase

Customer investment income reporting for French (DGFIP – French public finances directorate general) and Portuguese national regulations.

Sopra Banking Compliance - VUC

VUC declaration (Vues Uniques Clients - customer situation overview -) to French deposit guarantee and resolution fund.

This software suite optimises use of resources, reduces processing times, and secures regulatory reporting thanks to its advanced automation capacities and its simplified and standardised processes.

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