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Digital asset auditing

Digital audit & self-audit solutions revolutionize risk and inventory management
Sopra Banking Software's Digital Audit solution is unique in offering interchangeable audit methodologies (NFC, Live Stream Video, Intelligent Images and Snapshot video) to securely verify an asset's GPS location.
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Real-time remote asset auditing, game-changing risk management

SFP Digital Audit provides the best risk mitigation possible, increasing asset control, and delivering deeper risk insights whilst significantly reducing auditing costs, all in real-time.
Digital Audit enables floorplan or wholesale finance providers to transform their asset audit and risk management processes by moving to a ‘self-audit’ model; reducing, or even removing the expense of physical audits. In practice this can commonly realize cost savings of up to 50%. Real-time dynamic risk management is further enhanced with AI, machine learning and API integrations. Being cloud, web and app based is easily deployed and scaled with low capital outlay and predictable operational costs.
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    Multiple audit methodologies

    NFC, Live Stream Video, Intelligent Images and compressed video are all available to verify the GPS location of assets and minimize the risk of fraud.

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    Simple “all-in” pricing model

    Hidden and surprise charges are eradicated, while the package includes limitless auditing (both volume & frequency). A peerless customer service proposition also encompasses sample elements such as limitless training, report creation and functionality updating

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    Range of proven integrations

    Unrivalled scope for integration with Sopra Financing Platform, Salesforce and other leading platforms optimizing risk mitigation and operational efficiencies to maximize your ROI

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