The industry standard for Asset Finance pricing calculations in the UK.

Sopra Banking Software’s Freehand solution is the UK’s industry standard tool for performing new business quotation calculations, verifying and adjusting submitted quotes, and evaluating the performance of live agreements.

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Easy to use

Simple, intuitive data entry

Full range of calculations

Pricing calculations for finance
lease, operating leases, hire-purchase and loan, pre- or post-tax, simple or structured
repayment profiles, commissions & subsidies, early settlements, balloon / refinancing calculations, etc


Freehand can be customer
branded, unused features can be hidden whilst controls and parameters can be varied by user group.

Available as an API

Freehand is available as a cloud deployed API. Access the power of the Freehand engine from any location and from inside any system.

Freehand API – the tried-and-tested, industry-standard pricing solution, available as an API

Freehand provides you with rock solid, consistent, reliable pricing calculations, and is now available as a cloud-deployed API to provide access to the power of Freehand across your IT estate.

  • Consistency

    Use the same calculation engine across your business – front, middle & back office, across your whole technology ecosystem – even your broker / introducer community.

  • Reliable and scalable

    Harnessing the power of the cloud, Freehand API is highly available and scalable, meaning your calculation engine won’t let you down when volume gets high.

  • Custom templated API

    The Freehand API can be customised to your exact requirements using our Composer templating tool, which allows the API to be a simple as possible or as complex as necessary, depending on the specific requirement.

Brokers can quote with confidence, knowing that their calculation engine is the same as the lender’s and the lender won’t have to deal with those annoying inconsistencies as a deal moves between stages.

Broker quotations

Get consistency across your front, middle and back-office by using the same tool to calculate finance pricing.

Lender pricing

The Lender receives deals which they know match their back-office engine, and can make rescheduling, extension and early settlement calculations consistently.