11:00 AM (CEST)

Seamless Digital Onboarding and Sales: Configure Your Way to Success


Empower your bank’s operations to provide the best customer experience!

Banks are being pressured to deliver the omnichannel, digital-native experiences customers expect, right from the get-go. One-third of financial institutions have lost customers due to inefficient or slow onboarding.

In this webinar, participants will see how Onboarding & Subscription delivers personalized, comprehensive onboarding in minutes, plus quick and seamless subscription to bank and partner products and services.

Participants will learn:
– The key capabilities and tools needed to create the best digital-native experiences
– The power of low code drag and drop workflows
– How you can go even further (digital signature, video onboarding, biometrics)
thanks to native integrations with leading fintechs
– SBS Success Stories: How our customers have increased NPS, amplified reach, and boosted subscriptions.