Customer stories

Boosting support for Iceland’s
biggest banks


“RB needed a strong partner and a flexible solution to replace the legacy software that RB has been running for Icelandic banks for decades. With the help of an external consulting company, RB performed an extensive selection process. A lot of partners and systems were analyzed and, from them, three were chosen for a final phase, and eventually Sopra Banking was selected.

“RB is very satisfied with the cooperation with Sopra Banking, and their software has proven to be both flexible and feature-rich, able to fulfil the requirements of the banking system in Iceland.

“Currently, we are looking into opportunities to extend the use of the Sopra Banking system in Iceland and possibly add new Sopra Banking modules to the portfolio of systems at RB.”

Jon Helgi Einarsson, Executive Vice-President at RB

Click on the PDF link to find out more about RB’s collaboration with us, including key statistics and facts.

See how Sopra Banking helped RB to onboard and migrate Iceland's three leading banks onto its system.

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